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Little Ole Wanderer - Naeem - 05-18-2020

Naeem Olev

It had been a little bit since Naeem left the house. Of course, he was thinking that maybe he shouldn't without his momma but he was only walking down to the beach. He was also too young to comprehend the consequences that could come with leaving alone. Naeem wanted some fresh air, maybe not to meet so many new people, but just to sit at the beach and maybe roll around. As he walked, the boy would begin to prance a little bit. As little as he may be right now, he wasn't that afraid.

Coming up to the sand bar, he stepped onto the sand when his face wrinkled up. The sand between his toes was such a weird feeling. But it was new and he wondered what more be out there. Stepping a little closer to the water, it traveled up to touch his toes and the boy took a few steps back. It was weird- kinda cold but that's alright, right? It smelt really salty.
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RE: Little Ole Wanderer - Sylvain - 05-24-2020


”A playful path is the shortest path to happiness’

Sylvain hadn't ever been on a venture of his own so when he noticed his brother Naeem leaving the house, headed down towards the beach, he couldn't help but follow. Being a mama's boy, he always did as he was told and always asked permission to go out. But, seeing one of his siblings lead the way, he assumed that it must be okay. Naeem was quite a ways ahead, so Sylvain began to run towards the sandy waters. The sand felt nice under his paws... soft and warm. He was running a bit too fast though, and lost his traction, his paws skittering underneath him and giving way. He slid face first into a puff of sand. "Hehe, that was fun!" Sylvain giggled as he made his way back to his feet and continued towards his sibling. "Hey brutter, did mama say we could play? I love to play! " He wrinkled his noise as he approached the water. "What's that smell?" He was referring to the distinct scent of the sea. He attempted to stop right next to his sibling, his paws in the cool water. It was a nice feeling, but he wasn't one to stay still for very long. He wanted to run and play!

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RE: Little Ole Wanderer - Chara - 05-25-2020

Chara Olev

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Over the past few weeks, horns had started growing from little Chara's head. It hurt at first, often causing her to not play with her littermates, but now it seemed to have stopped.

Today, she had followed her two brothers outside. What were they doing..?

Her childlike mind couldn't really process the dangers of playing by open water, but she still didn't venture to the sea. No, Chara stayed by the sand. Her curious eyes watching as her brother falls before getting right back up. Her body was a little wobbly, having never really walked on sand before. No, the little cougar liked to stay on solid ground.

She was silent as she watched her siblings. Maybe she wasn't born first (she didn't even know who was), but she still wanted to look out for them. Plus, it gave her the excuse of not going anywhere closer to the water than she needed to.

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RE: Little Ole Wanderer - Naeem - 05-26-2020

Naeem Olev

Unlike Sylvain, Naeem didn't quite like the sand between his toes. It just- clumped and made it uncomfortable. In some cases it was nice, but generally he did not quite like it. His icey gaze cast to his brother quickly, hearing the boy fall before a small smile spread on his face and his eyes became warmer and he let out a small giggle. The boy didn't exactly say a lot, he wasn't the talkative type. Sylvain asked if mother said they could play- then added on that he loved to. "No, I just wanted walk. Sure it will be okay." It wasn't that far anyways. He didn't particularly think he was going to get in trouble for getting some fresh air.

Sensing yet another presence, he looked over and spotted Chara. The boy had noticed differences between him and all his siblings. The one he looked most similar to was Aloisius (not sure how you spell it). The boy had spots, but they weren't black in fact he was more so black than the rest of them. Shaking his head, Naeem would drop onto his side and then roll in the sand a little bit. Why not get a little dirty, it wasn't like he couldn't just shake it out afterwards.
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RE: Little Ole Wanderer - Bidisha - 05-26-2020

Bidisha Olev


They had left her behind! Her brothers had left without her! That would not do. She wanted to be part of the fun too. Lucky for her they hadn't gotten far by the time she had woken up from her nap and she was quick to follow. Head held high she walked confidently twards the beach. "Heya Chara!" she greeted attempting to give her brother a little nuzzle his shoulder before heading towards the more playful of her siblings. Bidisha had figured out by now that she usually had more luck with the others when it came to play time.

Her confident stride faltered a bit as the sand shifted in strange ways under her paws. What it the world! She almost lost her balance, but just almost. She looked down at her own feet wondering how they could betray her like that. No matter, she wanted to play and strange ground was not going to stop her. She gave a little huff before continuing forwards. She grinned. from what she heard Sylvain was in a playful mood as well. "Yes let's play!" She said attempting to swat playfully at Sylivain ones she was close enough. Just to give him a little tap.

That was also when her brain fully registered the conversation her brothers had just before she got to them. Wait Mama didn't know they where here? She was not a big fan of that. She did not like to worry her mama. She glanced back towards Chara and the direction of there home. Should she go back and tell mama? She wasn't sure yet. She didn't want to leave all the fun. "We should have told mama that we went to play." She said

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RE: Little Ole Wanderer - Sylvain - 05-26-2020


”A playful path is the shortest path to happiness’

Sylvain peeked over his shoulder while his the water washed over his paws and up his short legs. He noticed that Chara was watching over both he and Naeem. Why does he have horns like that but I don't..? We all look so different! I wonder if I'll ever have horns.. I could poke people with em! Hehe! He giggled to himself in his head as he saw Chara wobble a little on the sand, but stopped a ways off from the water. "Hey Chara... Wanna play?!" He shouted back to her with a smile wide across his maw and his ears perked up. "It feels funny to have the water move the sand around your paws! Come on, try it!"

Sylvain turned his attention back to this other sibling, Naeem, when he began to respond. 'No, I just wanted walk.. Sure it will be okay'... He didn't ask mama first...? But mama knows best... she should know.. His thought was cut short as Naeem began to roll around in the sand by the beach. Shortly after, he noticed Bidisha approaching as well. She said hi to Chara first with a little nuzzle before continuing down onto the beach. Bidisha swatted at him and agreed to play. "You wanna go Bidisha..? It's on!" Sylvain would swat back, attempting to tap her on the nose before turning to run away up along the beach. Sylvain noticed Bidisha looking back towards Chara and towards home with concern before stating "We should have told mama that we went to play." Sylvain snapped out of his bout of playfulness and slowly walked back towards his other siblings before mumbling in a detested tone "Yeah... you're right... mama should know.. Who wants to go tell her? Not it! " With that, he laid down in the sand and began flailing around, sending a cloud of dust up into the air and covering himself in the process. Sand stuck to his paws where he'd gotten them wet but he didn't mind. He liked to get down and dirty.

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RE: Little Ole Wanderer - Fuli - 05-26-2020



She just needed a little air. A little bit of time to herself to collect her thoughts. Fuli had slipped out quietly as to not alert the children, they were probably napping. The cubs were so tiny and fragile, they needed all the rest they could get. Her heart fluttered in her chest before she cooed to herself. The children were a single constant source of happiness in her life.

The cougar quickened her pace to get back home. She was only a few houses away so it didn't take long. The black feathery wings pressed tightly against her side as she briskly walked. The sand didn't phase her balance, nor did it even bother her. Having grown up on an island did have its perks.

When she saw her house come into view, Fuli smiled. But it soon fell as she saw her cubs near the water. Panic gripped her heart as her wings flared out. Flapping frantically as she came up to the young felines. "Children!" Her maw was pressed into a tight lipped line. Her brows knitted together as her eyes quickly counted to make sure all was accounted for who was outside.

Her body was tense as she looked at each child. "Never go into the water without an adult watching. The water is fun to play in, but it can hurt you if you're not careful. Mommy doesn't want any of you to get hurt, okay?" 'Please tell me they understand. I don't want to explain the concept of drowning to them yet..'

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RE: Little Ole Wanderer - Aloisius - 06-02-2020

Aloisius Olev

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He opened his eyes and looked around the house. His siblings weren't inside and neither was mama. His heart thumped in his tiny chest as he grew nervous. Did they leave him? Why were they not here? He quickly ran out of the house but breathed a sigh of relief when he saw his Mama and siblings. They were just near the big blue thing. Water as mama called it. He didn't like the feel of it so he moved closer to his mom. Her tone was odd though. More high pitched than normal. Was something wrong? He attempted to lay against her front left leg. He didn't care his momma was here and his siblings were over there. Happy, he was happy to be around them. A purr started in his chest. With the sun beating down on his black coat he closed his eyes happily.

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RE: Little Ole Wanderer - Katarina - 06-02-2020

Katarina ‘Kat’ Orielonas
“Caught Between A Strong Mind And A Fragile Heart.”

Kat had been resting her eyes in the den when a sudden snort from Athos' woke her up. The damn gorilla couldn't just let her mope around. No he had to start messing with her. She felt a tug on her tail and bared her fangs in mock anger. Why was he pulling on her? She rolled her eyes when his jerked his head towards the door. She didn't want to go outside. It was too bright and she was content to just stay in here. "You go outside if you want to. Im napping. Take Devon if you need company." She muttered but Athos only laughed at her. She narrowed her eyes slightly when he moved closer and pushed her to sit up. She grumbled out a slight growl before moving to her feet. Fine the old man wanted her outside then outside she'd go. But she wouldn't be happy to be there. When she walked out he followed close behind. Down the beach a ways were tons of cubs and a spotted cheetah that she saw. The female looked vaguely familiar but she couldn't place where. Not that she wanted to find out. Today was a lazy day. Not a day to speak to others. She saw Athos' eyes light up when he saw the cougar, now she was even more confused and ready to walk the other way. Who did Athos' know that she didn't. Quite rude of him to have other friends. She went to go walk in the other direction than the cubs and female when Athos grabbed her tail again. He began leading her towards the cougar by her tail.

"Ah miss Fuli. I figured I'd find you here. Little ones making your life difficult?" He asked before waving his opposite hand at Kat. The one that wasn't holding her tail. "This is Katarina. She knew D'Art too." Her head tilted to the side even more confused.

How the hell did this female know D'Art? Then it clicked. This was the Queen D'Art introduced her and Aramis too. She had wings and horns now but she was almost positive they were the same. Fuli wasn't really a common name. Then she looked at the kids seeing a mix of cougars and one cheetah. They bore a slight resemblance to Fuli and also D'Art? Now she was even more confused. Where the fuck was D'Art if his kids were here? She looked around almost wishing to see her best friend. Yea she knew he was dead but the kids.. They looked so much like him maybe she was wrong about him being dead. Maybe he was alive? Her breath got caught in her throat as she kept her gaze scanning searching out for her best friend. 'Please..' she prayed in her head that he would come out to see her. That the last few years had been a cosmic joke. Wouldn't she know if D'Art had kids? They looked so much like him. Even if they were cougars.

Athos let go of her tail before he pet her back. Her mind going straight to the memory of seeing Aramis' dead and broken body. She took a deep breathe before looking back at Fuli. D'Art was dead and she was just seeing things. Her slightly old age making up stories for her. There was no way D'Art could have had these kids. "We meet again Fuli. Albit you had a title back then. Funny how the world works out now we are all in the Kingdom." She said trying to joke but it came out flat. She was saved from speaking again when Devon showed up.

Devon saw Athos and Kat had left and went to meet them. He heard the tail end of his moms words before he threw the cougar a grin. She was cool as shit looking. Plus a friend of Athos and his mom was a friend of his. "Cute kids. Nice looking horns on some of 'em. Athos, man you didn't tell me you've made friends. Proud of ya old dude." He said jokingly. He could see the tense way his mom held her shoulders and wasn't sure what was up. Best way to get everyone calm and relaxed was to throw a few jokes in there. His mom really needed to learn to lighten up some. He looked at all the kids in the water and slightly raised an eyebrow. That's a lot of kids to wrangle.

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