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Spotlights: April '20
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To Malum We Unite

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Borders [M] Family Reunion



[M] Family Reunion

Time did not stand still. It moved at its own pace. Caring not for others or anyone around it. Ticking away with endless patience. This was Bohumir. Months. Years had passed since he'd last seen any signs of a familiar face. But, of course, they were not fond of the cannibalistic male. Finding his ways off putting. They called him an abomination bred from hell itself. A Demon birthed to bring shame to his own kin. Oh! How right they were.

Bohumir was a true abomination. From the melanism of his fur, to the deep piercing blues of ice that was his gaze. Shaggy from unkempt grooming, his coat danced in the winds. Carrying his scent far from where he paced. He could merely taste the stench of his nephew, Akuma. The aroma salivating drool from Bohumir's lips as if he hadn't ate just recently. A poor nomad. A rogue and her pup.

They'd tried to hide. Easily finding the young adolescent nestled in the crevices of a tree. He enjoyed the chase. Giving it time to find another hiding spot. And another. And another. Until he grew even more hungry then he was. It was a small treat. The cries of its mother still a joyous ring in his ears as he shuttered at the memory. The blood still stained his muzzle. Not daring to clean away such a prize as he howled a deep and haunting song. One he knew Akuma would remember.


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