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Festival Festival of Fate

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Festival of Fate

Defros had waited far too long for this day to come.

My, he certainly had a few tricks up his sleeve.

The Weaver of Fate was exuberant, to say the least, as this was an annual commitment he dare not forget -- how could he? Chaos and havoc, such noble gratuity. And so, the god was adamant not turn down his right to indulge in this rigmarole, rebellious party; materializing upon the subversive gorge in a spiel of divination, a snarl betrothed, low. There was nowt concern or care if mortals could not make it atop these minacious cliffs, jagged by pikes and conical edges. It, of course, was all but a sinistrorsal merriment. Here, a feast would be made in cacodemonic celebration –– platinum eyes, harder than scree, stared at the irate seas –– vile, a smirk besmirched the man's velvety lips. There was no better time to play, “Mortals, come and dine in some fine, better-age wine.” Making sure that all could hear the words he spoke in dark, valorous power, magic wove in the concoction of a buffet. Tables fashioned from the earthen marl, cloth bestrewed over them in vivid decoration; palatial entrees of meat, fruits, vegetables and various drinks spindled atop it for flavour.

Come they shall, or shan’t. Once done, Defros disappeared, particles dematerializing back into the immortal heavens. The god was eager.


Defros has laid out a feast in Defros' Pass, available to all that can get to it. The characters that have entered into Defros' Gamble/Defros' Temptation are affected by the curse/gifts in this thread. Those that participate may request the Fate Festival Diamond () to be added to their profile.

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