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All Welcome Pirates of Vision

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Pirates of Vision

Her second stop was to the self-proclaimed Kingdom of Gullborg. Specifically, to two members of Aldrnari who called the Palm Peninsula home. Ironically, these were the supposed enemies of the realm she'd just visited, but it was not for her to get involved in mortal matters.

She appeared in a flash of light and wasted no time. Her job was to unite children with their parents, and she lived for the moments when the mortals laid eyes upon their young. "Loki Fritjov. Rai Dame." At Syuna's side, three two-month-old wolf pups appeared -- all vastly different. She offered them a reassuring smile and then spoke loudly so their parents could hear. "Come collect your newest pups." Knowing the babes were in safe hands, she departed in a burst of light.

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RE: Pirates of Vision

When Syfka heard the unfamiliar voice, she made her way leisurely towards it. "Come collect your newest pups," didn't exactly sound threatening, so she didn't rush towards it. Her joints were getting too old to rush anywhere. As she approached where Rai and Lok lived, she saw them. Three young (though not infant) pups. Oh, they were simply precious! One white with gold, one blue with white, and one blue with gold. Truly unique. She stood vigil, watching them and awaiting her sister's or Loki's arrival. They were the parents, and they deserved the right to greet their babes first. Now that she'd seen them, however, she would not leave their sides until they were within their parents' eyesight. Until then, she smiled warmly down upon them.

She loved being an aunt.


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RE: Pirates of Vision

♀ ⚤ ♂Brynjar Dame-Fritjov ♂ ⚤ ♀

Darkness...and then light. Gritty warmth under newly formed paws. Brynjar looked up, head wobbly, and stared at the tall woman. Instead of instinctive fear, Brynjar felt only security. Something about the tall lady's gaze was comforting. Laid out on an alabaster belly, Brynjar tried to look around. It was hard. There were so many sensations, all new. The smell of the salty sea, the wind running through slate fur, and the sun draped across Brynjar's entire form. Then, suddenly, another form appeared. This one was different, but it was hard to process why for such a newly formed brain. Brynjar stared up at the foreign creature, unaware that her tall guardian had left moments before. There was so much going on, and it made Brynjar's tail wag.

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RE: Pirates of Vision

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Arnor Dame-Fritjov

Alive. Brought down to the mortal realm by a flash of light. Breathing. A singular body now part of the world. Quiet. Not manifesting once taken from Syuna’s warmth. He liked it there. Her. Where sensations weren’t a thing. Where it was safe, and he felt nothing at a all. He liked it better there.

Arnor‘s fragile body tensed upon contact with the ground. Never had he felt anything like it - yet, to be fair - never he had felt anything before. For a long time, all he knew was the child bringer’s conforming aura, something he had grown used to. He didn’t know why she had left him here, for the concept of birth laid beyond his grasp of knowledge. Still, here was something he had always known, something apart from Syuna. Family. They were somewhere out there. Waiting for him, perhaps. Mom, dad, and many others. How did they look like? Would they be nice to him? Oh, he hoped so. What a shame it’d be if he had left such divine protection only to be met with rude familiars. Arnor was confident they would like him, though. Ruby-ish hues flung open, revealing a bright world to the pup. Maybe a little too bright. Orbs would narrow as he concentrated on a large firm standing before him. The fact he didn’t know who the woman was didn’t change his feelings towards her. Plain curiosity.

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RE: Pirates of Vision

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Kjarik Dame-Fritjov

A small vibration can change the entire cosmos

Darkness surrounded his being, but the warmth and safety of Syuna's presence made it okay. Everything was okay while she was around. While he was with her, there was no such thing as hunger or scent or sound. It was unfortunate, then, for the young lupine to learn that he couldn't stay like that forever.

Ashen pads came into contact with strange, foreign sensations as he was materialized into being upon sun-heated sand. Jeweled eyes clenched shut at the light that dared try to penetrate his defenses and assault his sudden sense of sight, charcoal nose wrinkling at the barrages of information trying to force itself upon him all at once. Ivory ears pinned at the roar of waves and the cry of gulls, newborn mind struggling to sort through the overload as the ocean breeze stirred alabaster and gilded strands. It took a few moments for him to work up the courage to let his eyes open barely, brows furrowed out of confusion and upset as he worked to process the new surroundings. His stomach made its first move of protest in the meantime, alerting the ivory child of yet another sensation that he had the displeasure of now experiencing.


A gentle twist of his head would let him take in the sight of the other bodies around him before his legs would slowly stretch, lowering his unsteady bulk to the warm sand below until golden fur mingled with golden grains. Amethyst-emeralds would focus upon the only other creature present besides his siblings, a slow blink offered as his nose twitched with a soft inhale. Though scents flooded in and vainly tried to inform him of a variety of things, the boy was too inexperienced in life to understand what they were offering him no matter how hard he tried. Thus, they were left poorly misunderstood.

It was the thought that counted though, right?

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RE: Pirates of Vision

By now, Loki was used to the Divine delivery of babes. It was such a strange action to become normalized, but Yavania was a strange land. He'd lived in so many different places in his life, however, and was used to lands having their own...eccentricities. Thus, he thought no more on it as he made his way steadily towards where his newest children awaited him. Part of him hoped one might be a wild dog...but he knew he'd love them regardless.

When they came into view, he was pleasantly surprised by their odd colorations. Not one of them looked much like Rai. Thankfully, he'd gotten past his prejudice of his heritage, so their appearances did not alarm or disgust him. As if Rai would ever let such emotions affect her children... Speaking of which, were was his beloved wife? She was usually so quick to arrive to her young. She wouldn't be far behind, he knew. He finally turned his gaze to Syfka and dipped his head. He knew how much she, like Rai, adored children. Did she miss not having little ones of her own? Perhaps she'd find someone to settle down with here... "Sister." Not by blood, of course, but through Rai. Then, he smiled down upon the pups. "This is your aunt. Móðursystir Syfka. I am your faðir. Welcome to your home," he said, claiming them into Aldrnari.

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RE: Pirates of Vision

Herleif Dame-Fritjov
Settle down and listen to me

Herleif cocked his head as heard the avatar speak before he walked. He saw his aunt Syfka and then his father. Small wolf pups were there and he smiled. Ahh more brothers and sisters. He moved towards them before looking at his father. The two had blue markings like his younger brother and then the final one kind of looking like his sister. They were adorable. He was definitely the one that took after their mother in looks. He attempted to move to his fathers side. "Congratulations Faðir. What are their names?" He said curiously as he looked down upon the pups.

Then he turned his head and dipped it respectfully to his Aunt. "How are you Aunt Syfka?" He asked. He knew she was getting older which saddened him. He needed to spend more time with her in the future. He made a mental note to himself to call on her soon. Family was everything.

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RE: Pirates of Vision

Firecoat danced along her body as she stood at the ocean. Her eyes were locked in front of her, even as she used quicksand to the side of her. At the same time, the russet wolf used jet. The sound of Syuna caused slight surprise as Rai used spring. She jumped in the air, though it was nowhere near the height that she could get once she fully had it practiced. Landing, Rai turned her head over her shoulder as she felt a smirk come. For a moment, there was only elation. Shaking out her pelt and killing the flames that danced around her, the russet wolf began to make her way toward where she had heard Syuna's voice. She was one of the last to show, but it wasn't all that problematic. She could see her husband with her sister and Rai kept the smirk plastered upon her face. She could see Herleif but right now, her eyes were only on the pups that she had. They were, in some way, like Byleistr. Rai, for a second, looked amused before she flicked her attention upon her husband. "Loki," she greeted before her attention shifted to Syfka. "Syfka." Finally, her eyes dropped to her young ones. "Hello, my pups. I'm your mother."

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RE: Pirates of Vision

Býleistr Dame-Fritjov

'Cause baby you're a firework
Come on show 'em what your worth
Make 'em go "Oh, oh, oh!"
As you shoot across the sky-y-y

He came out of the house with a soft yawn. His paws stretched out in front of him. The nap had been just what he needed. His ears flicked as he walked in a seemingly endless motion. The jaguar cub heard the voices of his parents and followed after it. He came into the small gathering, only to find that it was his family. His ears flicked forward, a soft look coming to his eyes as he walked toward his older brother. Býleistr had only grown close to one sibling out of the many that he had. It was no fault of his own. He had several older siblings - they were simply busy and Herleif was closer to his age. The jaguar cub turned his attention to the newest three, his head tilting to the side. From what he could have deciphered, he was the only one that had gained the appearance of their father's lineage. Now, it seemed, that he had younger siblings that had the same steel blue-gray coat. Was it a bad thing or a good thing? Býleistr couldn't tell you that.

"Hey," the jaguar called toward the younger siblings. "Welcome to the fam." He couldn't help the slight smirk that he had on his features.

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