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Raid Breakeven [AW]

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RE: Breakeven [AW]

(This post was last modified: 11-09-2018, 10:29 PM by Shadow.)
Shadow was satisfied with Loki's answer. If the horned one is his son then he should be trustworthy. For some reason Shadow felt he could trust both Stark and Loki to lead him to a safe place. There was only one thing that bothered him. What Stark said about the masters in the realm he was being lead to. The word held a deep negative connotation inside him.

The teen spun around faced Stark. The gaze of his yellow eyes cutting deep into horned wolf, "I will never call anyone master. Not after what my old masters did to me." His voice had a small tinge of anger to it.

He paused and collected himself. As he did so a wave shame and guilt ran through him. He felt bad for lashing out again. "I am sorry. That word brings up lots of pain. Its a place I do not want go back to. My name is Shadow and I will be happy to go with you to the Kamar-Taj." As he waited for a response he stood there with his head held low and his tail down. Shadow felt like a broken fool.

As he left with Stark he turned Loki and stopped for a moment before continuing with Stark. "Thank you for freeing me. May I get your name? I want to repay you next time our paths cross."

-Exit with Stark?-


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