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Raid Breakeven [AW]

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RE: Breakeven [AW]

(This post was last modified: 11-09-2018, 10:29 PM by Shadow.)
Shadow was satisfied with Loki's answer. If the horned one is his son then he should be trustworthy. For some reason Shadow felt he could trust both Stark and Loki to lead him to a safe place. There was only one thing that bothered him. What Stark said about the masters in the realm he was being lead to. The word held a deep negative connotation inside him.

The teen spun around faced Stark. The gaze of his yellow eyes cutting deep into horned wolf, "I will never call anyone master. Not after what my old masters did to me." His voice had a small tinge of anger to it.

He paused and collected himself. As he did so a wave shame and guilt ran through him. He felt bad for lashing out again. "I am sorry. That word brings up lots of pain. Its a place I do not want go back to. My name is Shadow and I will be happy to go with you to the Kamar-Taj." As he waited for a response he stood there with his head held low and his tail down. Shadow felt like a broken fool.

As he left with Stark he turned Loki and stopped for a moment before continuing with Stark. "Thank you for freeing me. May I get your name? I want to repay you next time our paths cross."

-Exit with Stark?-


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RE: Breakeven [AW]

Narcissa Malfoy

Diamond Thrones and Royal Beds.

Narcissa’s elegance radiated in a wisp of ironbark charm, attentiveness now solely drawn on the Aldrnari duke –– respect was mandatory, a priority they held in stone –– their viability here would not be forgotten, of course. “Morsmordre,” She interjected briefly, agreeing with the man as he continued to speak; their welcoming was expected, however, and a courteous nod proceeded nonetheless. Their time in Morsmordre would not be forgotten, for it prevailed in solidity and power above those chose to incriminate informalities, “Your gratitude and open arms is appreciated, duke.” That singular, oceanic-blue turned in consideration of the blueblood hereditary, purrs theoretically riddling in every prospect of the woman’s existence. They were still reputational, a name that cannot be dismissed. Barrier activated in a whirl of magic, creating a golden-translucent wall behind her family -- it was quickly dismissed, however, “Aldrnari have given us a home, so be sure to thank them.” A simple reminder to the children, and as ‘Cissa turned to leave, a soft nudge of Lucious’ shoulder was given in light adoration; they wouldn’t need to concern themselves with such barbaric tyrants anymore, and she would make sure of it. War was never the solution, but she’d take part if need be –– the Malfoy’s were not to be underestimated, and that was that.

Tail flicking, she insisted they head to their new residence.


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Wears a Golden Crown with woven-flora, Golden Bangle with dimonties, Golden Ring with pearlescent blue stones, Silver Cuff-Earrings with sapphires.
Possesses an imprintation of the Malfoy Crest (#7b2c00) on the left-foremost haunch.
Due to the Subzero, her skin is uncomfortably cold.

Narcissa is Immortal.


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RE: Breakeven [AW]

Her previous rank was soon granted back, and for once she felt relieved. Or, perhaps, not as much as she expected to. Was going back to a boring routine really a reason for celebrating? Averting her eyes would from the white wolf (Loki), Hal would begin to lumber her way back home. She had nothing else to say, so why stay? She had missed the good part, anyways. Agh, it frustrated her so much! Kicking some ass was all she needed after the time spent here as slave. At least she hadn’t been made a concubine like most of her family. Well, at least ma had something new to busy herself with. A child. She will had to talk to the young she-wolf, who, by the way, looked a little too much like Regalia. At least there was no secret on discovering who was the kid’s mother.

Shift turned her into a wolf as her thoughts raced, a smile now graving over her features. Apparently, the Dame family never stopped growing.


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RE: Breakeven [AW]

Fraya Fritjov-Julien

i know the sun must set to rise

She knew it was time to leave when momma called. Expecting big brother Gandalf to follow, she would start to trot her way towards Frigga. She was tempted to stop and call for her siblings - dad, even - but she did naught but pace. Fraya would follow momma wherever, and if she didn’t tell her to call for others, she would not. With Fugl watching her from above, she would follow her mother as they set foot into the unknown. She didn’t know where they were going, or why they were leaving, but little did it matter. Why worry when she was bound to see many new places? Moving as fast as she could, she would give the morass one last glance. The last glance. If only she knew, she’d say good bye to dad. Not that he would reply.

With excitement reigning over every other emotion, the pup would allow Julianna to fall behind. She’d miss it for the first couple of days, but, one day, it’d be no more than a faint memory. Something she struggled to remember.


"Talk here."
Mark Dumont & Parée


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RE: Breakeven [AW]

✪ Star ✪

Star watched everything that went on with a keen eye. Audition aided in her hearing. Though with so many conversations going on, she winced at the forming head ache. She kept her eyes mainly focused on Narcissa and her family. She recognized some of the kingdom members from the one time she had been but the names were long forgotten. She listened to everyone as the spoke but did not speak herself. She would follow, as she had promised. Mainly now she was just happy that Narcissa got her daughter back. The realm that took so many was dead and no more. It seemed the evil had passed and now they were joining the kingdom.

Her tail flicked behind her lazily and dipped her head before following after her old Queen. She kept watch for all those around her but most had already left. Something she was more than happy to do as well. After a long day and a head ache forming she wished nothing more than to go take a nap.


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RE: Breakeven [AW]

(This post was last modified: 02-14-2019, 02:06 AM by Ankaa. Edited 1 time in total.)

Ankaa Malfoy

Never did the world make a queen of a girl who hides in houses and dreams without traveling.

So, they had a new home? How delightful. She still had to recooperate after her stay here, but she did have half a mind to return back to the Verja. She quietly turned to follow her mother as she left, her own paw steps pressing into the ground as she aimed to leave this place behind. She turned her head, beryl blue eyes taking in the terrain that had been her home one final time. She would carry the memory forever, both with mental scars and the physical she now bore on her shoulder. There would be no removing the imperfection, it was permanent. The thought alone bothered her, but she didn't let it show. She continued to walk, her head high as she sought to leave these lands behind entirely. She had nothing, but good things to look forward to.

She did not look back again.


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RE: Breakeven [AW]

The father of his child was gone and only he remained.

That still didn't erase the fact that Vulcan was missing. The man didn't know where he had gone, but he did know that he had to find him. That left him with the dilemma of finding someone to watch after Ranae. As much as it hurt him to leave, he knew that it had to be done. On sturdy paws, he attempted to approach Caelan. He didn't have a lot of time to spare, but he would make sure that his little girl was taken care of before he departed. His bi-colored orbs glanced over the snow leopards features. "Please watch Ranae for me. I must go find my son." It hurt his heart, but he didn't intend on being long for very long.

He didn't linger. He turned away from those that had gathered and left without speaking to anyone else. He would be back for her.


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