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All Welcome Eye of the Thunderstorm [TS]

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Eye of the Thunderstorm [TS]

Brunnhilde Dame

Youthful paws carried her across the Grove as she looked for something to do. Where was her brother? Where were her cousins? At this point, Brun would take anyone, even a stranger. A stranger was just an opportunity to make a friend...even if she wasn't that great at making friends.

Occupied with her thoughts, she didn't even notice a storm gathering in the distance, announcing its rapid approach with crashes of thunder. As far as she was concerned, weather wasn't anything interesting, but she glanced up to it now again, after particularly large boom.

Then, bullets of rain began to fall. Leaves rustled, the only warning before they struck her hide. She jumped. It felt like a dozen bugs stinging her! the wind picked up, adding strength to the rain as it pelted her. She yelled and began to run, heading to the safety of a large tree. In her hurry, she tripped, scraping her foreleg on the ground before she got up and continued on her way.

OC: Brun rolled a light injury for this event. She scrapped her right foreleg.

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RE: Eye of the Thunderstorm [TS]

Soini Dame

Hold on for a second
If words can be weapons
Then what I say can affect it

Soini was bored. His mother was seemingly busy with leader things. Once he saw her, he was going to tell her a piece of his mind. Maybe if he could track down his sister, he would be able to get her to do what he wants? That seemed like the best available option. The lion cub walked around, his eyes open as wide as he could make them. Now, the biggest question was... where was his sister? To him, the Kingdom was still pretty large. They were only three seasons old and so it meant that trekking around more than a neighboring territory was almost impossible. Even at nine months of age, Soini didn't think that his sister would travel that far. Of course, to make things easier, he could have used his nose.

But maybe that was cheating and Soini would win this without such dirty tricks.

How it could be a dirty trick when it was something that lions did, he couldn't tell you. Just that it was and he wasn't going to resort to such tactics! Stubborn when he didn't need to be on something so foolish, Soini continued to traverse the area. A mistake he would surely regret when the storm hit. The quickness of the storm's rage caused Soini to yelp in surprise. His ears went flat against his head, his eyes suddenly narrowed to protect them from the onslaught of rain. As he screamed, he heard a scream beside him and his head turned toward it.

That was when he noticed that he was standing next to a tree and Brun was hiding underneath it. If he didn't want to get wet, he would have offered a challenge. A very idiotic one to see which of them would be able to withstand it longer. But the rage of the storm made him think better of it and he raced until he was taking shelter next to her. For the moment, Soini was unaware of his sister's plight. "Maybe it'll go away soon." What did he know about storms? Absolutely nothing. He was a child and as such, he never really paid much attention to what the weather was doing. He left that sort of thing up to their mother.

"Talk here."
Chris Smallwood


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