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Private [Aurelius] The Truth Is Hard

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[Aurelius] The Truth Is Hard

(This post was last modified: 10-14-2018, 11:32 PM by Gadreel. Edited 1 time in total.)


A looming figure, haunting mis thoughts and forever weighing down on his heart. Always there, always lurking in the back of his mind. Knowing what he could have been doing, where he could have been, who he could have been talking to. That was the danger of getting too close to someone, somewhere, something, wasn’t it? The consequence allowing yourself to get comfortable was that you might actually feel something. You might actually wish you hadn’t made that one, adrenaline filled decision that carried you away from a life in paradise. You might actually wish you hadn’t stayed hidden in the wilderness, alone, for seven months. You might actually miss what had been home. All of those, the result of him opening up too much.

Gadreel had been so scared, so shaken by that little revelation he’d had back on the pass. It was almost as if the man’s fear had been weighing him down for several months. And by the time he realized the mistake he had made, the leopard was certain that his old kingdom would never take him back. After all, what could he say? What had Kenina told people? If the feline was being honest with himself, no one was looking for him. No one was wondering where he was. Not the few adults he’d met, not his old friends, not the leaders of his old realm. That knowledge only made the sting of missing those people even worse.

But he did.

Charcoal paws would carry the leopard’s thin frame forward, feline form winding through the trees with ease. Spotted limbs were trembling, navy orbs flicking back and forth across the land nervously. Seven months had led up to this exact moment. Seven months of grief, anger, terror, and ultimately, loneliness. It took him that much time to finally come to the decision that he would try to return to Gullborg. Gadreel had no clue what he was going to tell the leaders and his friends - if they even cared. But the man could not bare another gloomy, routine day filled with regret and sporadic sighs of disappointment. It was time to take a risk.

Summer was coming to an end, resulting in the air being cool, but in a nice way. It was almost the perfect day, with a few fluffy clouds dotting the sky and sun peaking through happily. Birds were flying high, some sitting on the branches of nearby trees and singing. The warbling of a nearby stream filled the air. It was almost as if Mother Nature was passively taunting Gadreel. His shadowy tail sway back and forth, ears flicking this way and that, paws continuing their onward march. He was closer now, nearing the edge of the wood. The trees were thinning, giving him more space to navigate.

And then he was out of the forest, standing before a giant stone structure. Resting atop it was a large tree, its roots draped over the sides of the structure elegantly. Blue hues would wonder over the building, checking for signs of danger, or of other life. Nothing. Feeling that a slight detour would change nothing - and honestly just wanting to avoid his final destination for a little while - Gadreel would begin pacing towards the organized jumble of stone and wood. Thin form slipped through one of the openings in the wall with caution, transporting the rogue into a separate world.

Gasping softly, the feline would continue wandering through the temple, eyes flickering from one thing to the next. It was beautiful, but almost ina frightening way. Sunlight filtered in through various windows of sorts, falling to the floor in neat rays of yellow. The leopard would enter a new room, his paw steps chosen carefully if only to respect the quietness of the place. Surrounding him were multiple large bowls, filled with nothing - as far as he could see. Gadreel glanced around the room uncertainly, paranoia catching up to his wandering mind.

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