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All Welcome Wayward Son



Wayward Son

The boy hadn't realized how diverse Yavania was until he actually decided to explore. He had departed from the grove early this morning. The air had grown chilled and a mist seemed to hang in the air. He quickly found himself in a forest of sorts. He had soaked his brown coat when he had to wade/swim through a river. It was spectacular! He can still remember the fish as they swam around his legs, fleeing from the commotion he was causing.
He continued from there, and quickly found himself next to a waterfall. The roar was deafening but a beautiful sight to behold. He had gazed upon it with such wonder that one might think his eyes would fall out. However, he craved something more. He wanted more excitement, and a simple waterfall wasn't going to do that for him.
The terrain had quickly changed after departing from the waterfall. It went from grassy lands to desert dunes. The sand was white and stretched on for as far as his eyes could see. It was warm here, much warmer. The ground felt odd. Sure he knew what sand was, the beaches out on the peninsula had sand. However, the sand he walked on now was different. It felt looser and it was harder to keep his balance. The sand itself was actually white, which differed greatly compared to the peninsulas tan colored sand. At first the land felt desolate; completely void of life. However, as time passed and he traversed deeper into the land he found that his original thoughts were false. There were fresh scents of small prey, and peeking out of the bleached grains was foliage.
After what felt like forever he finally arrived at a somewhat familiar location.
By familiar, he meant that it was something similar. The smell of salt in the air and the sound of waves crashing brought him comfort. However, the sands... oh they were different. The were just... beautiful. He lowered his head and nuzzled his pink nose into the sands. He shoved it forward and watched in awe as it changed color. His forehead furrowed and he tiled his head to the side. This was interesting.

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RE: Wayward Son

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She hated leaving Verset alone for so long, but she was homesick. She worried about Harleen. The spirit of her mother had seemingly disappeared after her initial revisit to the mortal plane. She tried to cover up her despai and concern over such with a menial task. Maybe she could grab a seashell for him. A keepsake to help the teenager settle in and feel more at home in Syuna’s Courtyard. Yet she still felt ill at ease. Wrought in the false body of a serval via Shift, she returned from said island with a conch in her maw. Along with the necklace Harleen’d stolen from a white tiger several months back. Having left a coconut half full of red dye where she last saw the pale woman, a glimmer off in the water drew her attention. The necklace! It had washed back ashore. Though now covered in small to medium barnacles and entangled with a strand of seaweed, she still loved it all the same. Loved her mother all the same no matter the lack of relevant blood. Crooning softly to the piece of jewelry hung loosely around her neck as if Harleen might very well be locked within, she barely even noticed Jerrik as she walked by. Defros’ will had long since expired so she no longer felt the insatiable urge to kidnap lone passerby. She soon left the area at a steady and Agile pace, headed northwest. Then due south.

- exit -

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RE: Wayward Son

Gandalf Ambroise-Fritjov

It's like we burned so bright we burned out

Those that were lost were now home.

There were many atrocities that occurred in the Morass, but he would never consider the resulting children as such. However, he didn't agree with the notion that the kidnappers got to keep their realm. Gandalf had to trust his grandfather's judgment though and keep his opinions to himself. If he ever got to be a king again, then his words might have weight, but not now. He supposed it didn't completely matter anyway. Most of the horrid excuses for lions were disposed of. His only hope was that the cells that remained couldn't multiply.

Paws left a wet trail behind him as he walked. Slender legs were covered with sand, but Gandalf didn't completely care. He was enjoying the coming autumn. He was spending more and more time alone lately. The solitude was supposed to be for reflection and magic practice, but it was becoming escapism. He was trying to escape from his loneliness... by wallowing in it. Perhaps he thought, if he wasn't around family or kingdom members, they couldn't see and comment on how singular he was. The wild dog's musings were disrupted by a child crossing his path. The cub smelled only faintly of the kingdom, but it was there nonetheless. And said cub was not supposed to be here. "Hey." Gandalf called out evenly. His pace quickened to a trot and he would attempt to get close to the boy. "You're not supposed to be out here alone, little one."

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RE: Wayward Son

Now dance, fucker, dance
Man, he never had a chance

She had been near the borders and that was the only reason that she had managed to see her son. Her eyes narrowed and the mother wolf carefully followed after him. She made sure that she didn’t lose him. Not that her nine month old cub would be able to get rid of her that easily. She sighed deeply because she had expected it sooner or later. After all, Kari hadn’t been angel either. She noticed that he was going awfully far from home. Was he lost? For the moment, she was content simply following him. Soon enough, they would come into a land filled with sand.

Sand wasn’t something that was new to Kari. And the wolf was pretty sure she had been here before. The dancing colors of the sand changing was glaringly familiar. Seemingly distracted, she was surprised when she heard the words from Gandalf.

She raised her head to see that her cousin had stopped in front of her child. Deciding that now was the time to approach, the mother wolf threw a stern look toward Jerrik. “You know the rules, Jerrik.”

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RE: Wayward Son

His attention is quickly pulled away from the sands and towards a serval. He watched with mild curiosity as she approached the shore and picked up a glimmering necklace before leaving and walking right past him. He felt as if he was invisible, and quickly lifted a paw to make sure this wasn't so. He held his forearm in front of him and stared intensely at it. It was visible, to him at least. He softly put it back down upon the sands, his toes wriggling so that they sunk into the grains. He turned his attention back down once more and that wonder filled smile tugged at his lips again. He sat down and began to dig his paws into the sand. Childish giggles escaped from his lips and soon both paws were covered with the colorful grains. He was about to flop down and roll in the sand when a voice caught him off guard. He stumbled backwards; both paws being yanked from the sands. He let out a cry as his tail was caught beneath him and he fell to the ground in a mess of awkward limbs and brown fur.
He laid there dazed for a second or two before he lifted his large head off the ground. He was facing the direction of the dog looking thing, and he simply watched with curious eyes as they grew closer. He rolled over onto his paws, shaking his body free of sand. Some of it could have possibly be sent at the canine.
When he was done he returned his attention to the unknown dog-thing. He sat down, ears forward and eyes attentive. Their scent faintly smelled of his kingdom, and he felt a little more at ease. His body had tensed unknowingly, but once he smelled his realm upon them he visibly relaxed. However, he wasn't out of the doghouse yet. Their question was one that had guilt rushing through him, and a sheepish grin tugged at his lips. He prepared to stutter out an excuse when a familiar voice reached his ears. Wide eyes turned to stare at his mother as she approached. His ears flopped back against his skull and he adverted eye contact. It didn't matter though; he could feel her stern gaze on him like beams of fire burning through him.
"You see.... I uh well..um.." he trailed off, ending it with a cough as if he only stopped talking because he needed to clear his throat. His tongue swiped across his pale nose in an attempt to stall for time. He needed an acceptable reason for why he had strayed so far from home. His head was still lowered, and his eyes searched the ground mindlessly. However, they froze when it landed upon his shadow. The Daemon was moving about. Instead of sitting, like he was, it was standing. His eyes widened a briefly his guilt was tossed away. Panic flooded him and he released an angry and panicked snarl, He aimed a swat at his shadow and jumped back in surprise when sand was sent into his eyes. He fleed to the side of his mother and would attempt to crawl beneath her, his stomach brushing against the sand. If allowed, he would cower beneath her as an attempt to protect himself.
"My shadow," he cried tears had begun to well up in his eyes. "it's moving! It's cursed, possessed, a demon, monster!"
His normal arrogant and confident personality seemed to have vanished. His heart felt as if it had crawled into his lungs and his stomach was doing back flips. It would be an odd sight to onlookers; a lion cub near the size of a wolf cowering beneath it. That is-- if his mother had allowed him to seek protection.

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