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All Welcome Relics Of Our Past [Quest 10]

The Avatars
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Relics Of Our Past [Quest 10]

(This post was last modified: 10-20-2018, 10:37 PM by Akradr. Edited 2 times in total.)

The arms of summer were ceased in the immortal plane, and as were all seasons; however, Maata found refuge upon the earth once more, blinking into existence in a whirlwind of pale particles. Golden-teal orbs contoured the divine fields in icy admiration, a masked exterior swallowing the avatar’s unspoken emotions –– perhaps polar opposite of Marlon, a cherished bond is held nonetheless.

It was impossible to ignore it.

She didn’t forget to remind them of that, not once. A brow came up in delicate concerns, not here for a simple stroll on memory lane, “Creatures of Yavania, your assistance is required by the summons of Mother Earth.” Vocals of a winter’s end swam in telepathic manners, imploring that all be heard. “Come,” She began, spotted elegance practically glowing beneath the monumental tree of an endless, green sea. This wasn’t to be taken lightly, “If you so wish to endure this adventure we so desperately need to succeed.” Of course, the challenge didn’t deter from Maata’s voice -- fossils of an ancient past were proficiently magical and professional advanced. It was their duty to uncover them, or else chaos be laid on unnecessary beds.

She is now summoning those who wish to serve Mother Earth. This is an official QUEST and is a little different than traditional roleplaying, as it is run by the Game Master (more will be explained next post; see the previous Quest for an example, and see here for information). You may only send ONE character per roleplayer. Moderate and severe wounds may be sustained during this thread. Show up now, because once the quest starts, you cannot join unless special permission is granted. Happy questing! Maata will post to start the quest in a few days. To attend here is to attend the Festival called the Quest for Mother Earth.

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RE: Relics Of Our Past [Quest 10]

She does-"She speaks"-'She thinks'

The sparrow didn't do much these days and she even began slacking on her own magic which she was even disappointed in. That simply would not do. The woman needed to focus on advancing herself, though it wasn't a great priority. Well, after doing so little for seemingly so long, she was looking for a productive way to keep herself busy. Almost as if on que, the voice of one of the avatars appeared in her head, beckoning for the assistance of the mortals. It was a call she decided to answer. Why not see what Mother Earth wanted? Besides, this might be at least a little fun.

The sparrow headed in the direction of the divine fields and upon arriving, she found that she was the only one here so far. Other creatures were bound to come along soon, so she landed on thee ground a small distance away from the avatar, waiting for someone else to come along and to hear what the divine woman had to say. As that was done, she looked around for any approaching creatures. Surely that meant they'd be a part of this adventure and she wanted to know who she'd be working with.


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RE: Relics Of Our Past [Quest 10]

(This post was last modified: 10-20-2018, 10:10 AM by Cicero. Edited 2 times in total.)
So what if I'm crazy? All the best people are

Burning. Yearning. Cicero was tossing and turning. He couldn't catch a wink of sleep. Aye, it was past morning, but the coyote cared not for the sun. Oh no. The night was his mistress. His mother. Said mother lie beside him in all her sinewed glory. He kissed the tip of her fleshy nose--what was left of it on the preserved skull. He opened his mouth to greet her when his already restless day was interupted by a voice.

Cicero lurched to his feet from whence he lay. Naturally Stealthy, he would dare investigate. Oh, he had to. He must. All for sweet mother! She could stay here and wait for him. He buried her in a spot he'd remember and headed towards the tickling, itching noise. Cicero would remain Stealthy, a shy, Untraceable shadow in the long meadow grass. Watching. Observing. To assess whomever else would come. Oh yes, he learned to be careful. Who would take care of mother if Cicero was gone??

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RE: Relics Of Our Past [Quest 10]

Fuli Olev

It seemed like it had been years since she was away from Julianna lands. It felt strange. It felt good. But, yet, she was still scared. The cougar flinched as words filled her head. Was it her captor?!

Creatures of Yavania, your assistance is required by the summons of Mother Earth. Come. If you so wish to endure this adventure we so desperately need to succeed.

The fur along her spine slowly flattened as she realized that she wasn't in any immediate danger. But who spoke to her? And who was Mother Earth? Fuli didn't know, but this so called adventure seemed to be just the distraction she needed. After all, it did sound tempting. Fuli would make a mental note to look for Amari after all this was over. She had so much to say to the aardwolf that she had grown to adore. The woman would sigh. With that huff of a breath out the once slave would journey towards where she believed the summons originated from.

Dipped paws would softly press on the ground as she arrived. So far all she could see was a serval and a bird. A bird. The adopted Olev would hesitate mid-stride before pushing on. she couldn't let the whole world know that she feared birds. The woman didn't catch sight of the coyote quite yet. With a small, whispered, hello the woman would allow herself to sit a little bit away. Just because she was pretending not to fear birds didn't mean she had to sit so close to them. This being said and done she'd remain quiet. The woman didn't like to speak as much anymore. No, rather she preferred to stay quiet. This was the way slaves had to act after all. Fuli knew she was free now, but old habits die hard...

The woman's eyes would glance around, a sliver of anxiety tearing through her. She truly feared that Julianna would find her and forcefully take her back. This would cause the woman to constantly check over her shoulder. Fuli Olev just didn't feel safe without her family anymore.

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RE: Relics Of Our Past [Quest 10]

(This post was last modified: 10-20-2018, 05:36 PM by Verndar. Edited 1 time in total.)
Verndar heard the summons from the Avatar. Since he got his family back he figured now was the time to do something. Make a name for himself or something. He shook out his dark mane before he followed after the voice. As the male got to the clearly he looked around. A familiar bird was in a tree, though he could only tell by scent that she was from the kingdom. A cougar was present as well. The coyote went unnoticed by him. He dipped his head to all of them but stayed silent.

This group didn't seem like the chatty type. Boring. But he figured he could get them talking once they got this show on the road. He didn't want to interrupt the avatar if she started to speak.


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RE: Relics Of Our Past [Quest 10]


Hey, Lizzy!

Cicero is using the feat Stealthy and is hiding. This means, he's "harder to hear, spot, and scent." If your character notices him, please specify how he did so. Until you do so or edit out seeing him, Verndar is on hold. <3


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RE: Relics Of Our Past [Quest 10]


Your thoughts shape your vision.
See what you choose to see.

Chastity heard the call and had made her way there. A job from Mother Earth? The elk couldn’t just put this aside as Mother Earth always got her attention when it was needed. Dvir, Eden, and everything else could wait. Radar and Audition aided her on her way there. Tremorsense helping as she actived it right there and then. Pausing for a few moments to practice her magic. Stoneshape was called forth on command, twisting some ground into a flat 2x2 base with 2 pillars at opposite corners with another platform that was 2x2 on top of that. It stood, not too sturdy however and as she nosed it, the structure fell over. Too bad.

Chastity continued on till she reached the land. Others were detected, however as she got closer the coyote almost went unnoticed. Due to her focusing Audition on those around her, she pin pointed almost everybody except for the coyote. He was the one she hadn’t noticed yet. The elk would then wait for whomever called to speak, it was rude to speak when not spoken to especially by something she assumed was either Mother Earth or something created by Mother Earth.

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RE: Relics Of Our Past [Quest 10]

(This post was last modified: 10-22-2018, 03:36 AM by Akradr. Edited 2 times in total.)

Rated M for Mature Language

Despite the wounds he had sustained from the previous spar, he was out in walking. He couldn't let himself stay in their lands; be reminded of why he was even there. He had left that morning, but he wasn't alone. He had a shadow it seemed, one that took on physical form. He ignored them though; not a glance was offered to acknowledge they were even there.
He had been out since dawn, and was currently walking upon a bridge of sorts. The sound of waves crashing below was foreign to him. He had heard tales of salty waters that could swallow you whole. His uncle would sit there and tell stories about how one of his daughters had been devoured by the merciless blue. He would describe in detail how he had dove in after her. The rain had been pouring and they sky was roaring. He had tried to rescue her by grabbing her scruff and tugging her back to the shore. However, the storm was raging and the waters were churning. His uncle explained it with vivid detail that would, and still does, send chills down his spine. He had said that it felt like an invisible force had tore her from his grasps. He had watched as she was carried away into the deep blue while he was spit up on shore like foul food. It was a terrifying thought; how water could devour a grown wolf.
The thoughts were starting a downwards spiral. He could feel the familiar constricting band around his chest. He needed to distract himself quick before he had another episode. He focused on the air. It was pleasently warm and he paused to simply enjoy it. However, a voice crashed into his mind and startled him.

Creatures of Yavania, your assistance is required by the summons of Mother Earth. Come. If you so wish to endure this adventure we so desperately need to succeed.

"What the hell..?" the words were the only verbal response given to the mental message. He was rather confused if he was being honest. Ever since he had arrived here strange things had started happening. The blind being able to see, the electricity and more. It all made no sense to him.
Maybe answering this call would provide him with answers.
He wasted no time, taking off at a trot he would finish crossing the bridge and arrive in the divine fields. He approached with caution, eyes narrowed into slits. His single ear was flat against his skull as he neared the group. He was practically next to the coyote but he still went unnoticed. No, his attention was on the group.
"Some of these things just don't belong here" he sung it loudly, a snarky expression plastered upon his features.
Never in his life had he seen a mixture of species like this. There was a bird... a cougar... a lion... and a fucking deer! He lumbered forward, approaching the group with a cautious stride and curious eyes. He doesn't sit close to anyone in particular. He simply finds a spot directly in front of the cat looking thing and sits. He gazes at her for a long hard minute before anything is said.
"Ma'am, was it you that startled the shit out of me when i heard a voice in my head telling me to come here?" his words are asked in a loud voice, his head falling to the side and his single ear raising to catch a response.


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RE: Relics Of Our Past [Quest 10]

Emrakul Prince-Tyran

I'm not a princess, I don't need saving. I'm a Queen, I got this handled.

Emrakul made her way to the call. She used her Wings to make her way there, flying (via Ascension) a little bit and then stopping only because she still needed practice in flying long distances. Dismissing both unique powers. Her magic was getting better though, a lot better and she was proud of it. Emra had not been doing many things lately and wanted to get out more. What better way than serving Mother Earth right? The coyote came across various creatures and offered them nothing more than a slight dip of the head. She did not notice the coyote but did notice the one everyone was surely standing around. Was that creature the avatar? Emra caught Akuma's words to her and shot him a glare, Telepathy attempting to activate on him. 'You just really watch your mouth when standing before an avatar.' Did he not know manners or respect? Despite this, she took a seat and waited for whomever it was who called to begin speaking.

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RE: Relics Of Our Past [Quest 10]

“I care for myself. The more solitary, the more friendless, the more unsustained I am, the more I will respect myself.”

Skadi has been feeling a bit happy to know she kinda has a place to call home. A place that probably will become into a realm. A realm lead by Misha. And if everything turns as she wished, this would be her first realm. She was excited as never was in one. She just hoped to be protected and provided with food and shelter. She wouldn't be living in a place where her life wouldn't be I never danger. As long as she was secure she didn't find a problem living there.

As she flew across the place. A call could be heard by her. "Creatures of Yavania, your assistance is required by the summons of Mother Earth.” Were the exact words she heard. Prey if the curiosity she flew toward the source of the voice. As she approached she spotted some animals. Her powerful sight caught a wolf, a cougar, a lion, a coyote(Emrakul) and a deer. With some precaution flies down and perched on one of the lower branches of the huge tree. Looks down waiting for whatever was going to start here.

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