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All Welcome Relics Of Our Past [Quest 10]

Verja Knight
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RE: Relics Of Our Past [Quest 10]

Cothurnus Rose
My Punches Hurt More.

As the gibbon responded, she breathed a sigh of relief — finally, some common sensestepping forward, Cothurnus studies the hallway and its expansive windows.

A brow came up, but not to invite a dishonest expression, “And your Headmaster knows of this necromancer?” It was a simple enquiry, though it held intention to prod with irritation on the situation; she was sick of the games, the foolery, and wanted nothing more than to have this over with. Those spiralling horns were risen in dominance, hackles flared and tail thrashing -- the lighting didn’t seem to end, and while she continued to follow, a scoff protruded from velveteen lips. Why, pray tell, could they not just make this easy? Why must they beat around the bush? The woman’s maw wrinkled with contempt, ignorant of the others and what they chose to do — the supposed ‘king’ was of no concern to her, not even in the slightest. Yeah, their fuckin’ stupidity is all she sought to mock. Investigator kept active, oceanic-maroon’s surveying the walls and whatever else came into view. With all that has happened, she didn’t quite understand why it needed to be so difficult for everyone to cooperate on one fucking task; no, instead they had to stall and slow the roll. Many faces she saw at the beginning were no longer here, but hey, who was she to care? Cothurnus shoved it aside for now, devious and alert for what has yet to be.

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