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All Welcome [FotD] Back From the Edge

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[FotD] Back From the Edge

Zaya wasn’t quite glad to be back. The realm of spirits was different from all she had been exposed to while on her path as an amazon. Fake were the gods she had grown to praise during her alive years, and that was all but pleasing. A waste of time it was. Maybe she was too focused on her thoughts of hatred to realize how stupid her acts had been. It was too late to mourn over it, though. She was back, regardless for how long. Her madness thrived like never before, sending her down a road of pure insanity. Ah, she regretted nothing. Nor would she once done with whatever she was here to do. I mean, she was back with a purpose, wasn’t she? Seemed like the only logical explanation to this mess. Regardless of it, Zaya was more than determined to haunt those traitors she used to call companions. Were they around this lands, even? Oh, she hoped so.

With grace following after every step she took, Zaya paced in elegant strides. Being back like this was… different. She felt nothing she used to when still alive, but that didn’t take long for her to get used to. With the waves crashing far below her, confidence carried her through the pass. Oh, what a bad type of confidence it was; the worst of. No matter. Zaya would avenge her own murderer, regardless of how. What else was she here for if not to spread the chaos she once praised?

She watched intently. || "I'd choose my next words carefully." || 'Perhaps you should keep that to yourself.'

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RE: [FotD] Back From the Edge

"There’s something disturbing about recalling a warm memory and feeling utterly cold."

It has been a peaceful day for the young fox as like always, she spent her days exploring the different lands that were in this big land. Despite being quite some time here, she still didn't know the name of the land that she was living in now. Maybe she could know someday, but today wasn't the day she wanted to do so.

Paradox didn't have a place to call her permanent home, but she didn't care that. As of now , she just wanted to enjoy her freedom all she could. She just wanted to have adventures, to go to different places. And she wasn't alone, her mental voices followed her steps and even if they weren't real she didn't know. And their presence was all she could ask for. They "helped" her in all of her steps, in her decisions. Why she should need a companion if she already has some? As she padded, her red eyes captured the image of someone ahead. As she walked, she was aware of the cliff so she paid especial care with her steps. She ay had low sanity in her mind, but not to the point of wanting to fall to the abysm.

She stops her walking as she wanted to just observe the stranger. She felt curious about them, but wanted to keep her distance, not knowing if they were someone to trust in. And at the moment she didnt have anything to aid her, no magic (That she knew of) and her size wouldnt provide any strengt. She only counted with her speed.

She walks. | "She talks." | She thinks. | Magic
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RE: [FotD] Back From the Edge

She walks. | "She talks." | She thinks. | Magic


My minds became a mess...

The fox kept observing from her safe spot. Red eyes remained focused in the weird feline, from who she didn't know anything. A complete stranger upon her eyes, and as such she didn't feel the need for interacting or speaking to them. She wasn't social and less with people she just saw. So after some seconds, she would look away looking for something more interesting to do. But what? She didn't know, but that wasn't of her concern. She was a rouge, and as such, she was free to do whatever her sick heart desired. And now she wanted to cross to the other side of the pass.

And now ignoring the feline she would attempt to walk past her. Being extremely careful about where she was stepping in. Noticing the long way down to the sea, she didn't want to fall. But death didn't scare her. Death was something the fox venerated in an insane way. She would fall to it without hesitation. But not today. So with a quick but careful walk, gets to the other side of the pass. Disappearing into the distance.


And thanks to that I always have someone to talk with...

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