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All Welcome One Thousand Eyes in the Dark

© janOten
3 years
Height: 40 in
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Weight: 206 lbs

One Thousand Eyes in the Dark

Many days had passed after he had come here, to these caves. He stood shivering at the entrance; there, he could see the shadows of trees, and the blurry silhouette of an occasional bird. It was like a large, gaping mouth with teeth in the most haphazard of places. It quickly became darker in the caves themselves, illuminated softly by the hundreds of lights which made their home on the ceilings and walls. Theodore had gone farther into them, but the lights had reminded him of eyes. He had gone father into them, but there was water in puddles on the ground so that his face was reflected, gaunt and ill-lit. He could stare at his face for hours, feeling the disgust grow stronger in intensity for each minute, feeling bile at the back of his throat. The pink nose and its studded texture, the small, rheumy and yellow eyes, his whiskers, which moved along with the muscles near his mouth.
He stared for so long, he scarcely knew that it was himself. Once the realization sank into him, he was overcome with unexplainable emotion. Hatred, wonder and nausea. He moved his mouth, and his reflection moved its mouth. He blinked, his reflection blinked.

He had managed to tear himself away from this addiction just to hunt in the nearby forests. Now he stood here, at the cave, a small boar by his side, beheaded. It was difficult to eat, but he reasoned himself into doing it-- a skill which was slowly becoming less and less effective. He felt logic and reason melt in his hands like a heavy dream, like cotton candy. He made sure to eat slowly. Too much in a short time would result in profound discomfort, something he had learned the hard way.


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