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Another leader, another failure. Few impressed the Spirit of Battle; more disappointed him. So many, in fact, that he could not name them all. So, without delay, he appeared in the mortal realm in a whirlwind of thick snow. Blizzard raging, he rose to his hind legs in the center of the valley that cut through the thick, cedar forest, and he roared to gather the attention of the mortals who called the Valley home. Then, when he spoke, his voice boomed across Yavania. "Eden! Your leader has neglected you. Who will take his place?" He said nothing of what had happened to them, for that was not his task.

Task complete, he disappeared back to the Eternal Realm to observe.

Eden is open to claiming! Characters need 40 posts to claim, unless they have a Leader Discount Pass, and they must be 2+ years old, unless they have a Youthful Leader Pass. The following is the order of inheritance: co-leader, heir, duke, baron. These characters have first dibs even if they do not show up first (though they must show up within 24 hours). Despite this, any creature (rouge or resident) may attempt to claim Eden as their own. If no one has stepped up in 24 hours, Eden will be disbanded.


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Eden was open for claiming. Chastity didn’t know how or when this had happened. Dvir officially, wasn’t fit in her books. It was time for her to step up and be the leader. Approaching the site where snow lay. She could tell by the coldness on her hooves, she knew this must be it. ”Chastity Shae, I helped Dvir create this realm and now it is my duty to claim it and lead it. He was clearly unfit for the title of King. I am Eden’s new Queen.” If he so happened to appear, she would not allow him to reclaim the throne. Nobody for that matter. She had helped raise this place and it was time for her to rise. Radar and Audition were on the lookout for anyone approaching

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OC: Despite Chastity being apart of the Quest, I am posting her here <3 she is not at 40 posts I have a leader discount

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