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Shaken & Stirred

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Together, they slip through the mossy trees of the Mortal Realm –– in a land called the Mossy Woodlands. It wasn't always called that, Maata knew, but it mattered not. With a laugh more playful than she'd dare utter in the presence of another, she entices her husband to chase her. Simple and undisturbed, they cherish a bond that cannot be broken. “My love,” the woman calls out as she ran, petite and graced by a godly aroma, “What fine warrior cannot catch his maiden?"

It was a gesture of playfulness, one she couldn’t help to mollify. He chuckles, amused by such an attire, as he gives chase. Why, he couldn’t help it. He loves when she plays; it was a gift she gave only to him. How could he not treasure it?

However, a crack in the earth divides that very concept, warranting a look of concern and uncertainty from both servals. The fragility creases, causing great calamity and woe for all those who reside upon its surface; a catastrophic and seismic disturbance welts every crook and crevice. The avatars dismantle themselves from the physical event, a thundering noise forcing nature to bend without consent. The world cried from below, finding no refuge from this distort disaster. It spread across Yavania, uprooting whatever it pleased in its wake of destruction.

This was no natural earthquake, Maata knows, and she looks to Marlon with concern in her eyes. "She is not pleased," he ventures, though he does not know Her motive for sure. Who ever does? Then, without a word, Maata disappears back to the Eternal Realm. Marlon is quick to follow, saying a blessing of good luck to the mortals caught in Mother Nature's foreshadowing.

One thing is for certain: more will come.

She walks. | "She talks."
He walks. | "He talks."

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