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The Lord of Chaos stood upon the highest point in Yavania, surveying the land from atop the snowy mounds of Mt. Eldr. Horned head declined, silver eyes seeing all. The Earth continued to shake now and again -- but these were no natural caused tremors. The Weaver of Fate saw all, knew what was and what would be, but even he could not see where Mother Earth was headed with this.

Did he care? No. Why, the journey was the pleasure. Where Yavania ended up mattered little to Defros. He enjoyed the chaos strewn about the land. Still, he wished she'd shared her plans. It made enjoying the chaos all the more fun.

Lips twisted in a fleeting pout, like a petulant child kept out of adult business, he continued to watch, waiting for the next step -- should there be. Then, as if reading his mind, magic rushed through his fur like wind, pouring across Yavania in sweeping waves.

Oh, yes. This was going to be fun. "Praise be," Defros said mockingly, though none could hear him from his perch.

He walks. | "He talks."


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