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All Welcome Black Blood and Red Eyes

© Amelia
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RE: Black Blood and Red Eyes

Dagrún Dame

People find it far easier to forgive others for being wrong than being right.

Chewing on a bone was fun, but mama's return seemed even more fun. So, he dropped his chew toy and bounced outside of the house, excited to see her. Oh. Mama wasn't alone. As his brain caught up to him, he paused, inspecting the foreign creature. Not quite as shy as others of his age, he stared up at the tall creature near his mama. "Hi." It may have been a short greeting, but it was no less interested. Who was this? What were they doing here? What were they? Staring might not be polite, but Dagrun was a toddler. He didn't know better, so he stared with open inquisitiveness. With so many questions buzzing around in his head, he had to try to get answers. "Mama, who is?" Satisfied with his linguistic skills, he awaited an answer to all of his inquires. Clearly his mama should realize what he wanted to know and promptly answer.

"Speech here."


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RE: Black Blood and Red Eyes

I am the Fire

As time passed, it became ever more clear that they were not returning to the marshlands. Slowly, memories of Julianna were just begining to fade. She couldn't remember what their old house looked like. But it was okay. They had a better one now. When Regalia called for her and cute little Dagrún, Svari was quick to go to her. She was hoping it was something fun or special. What she got was... disappointing. The pup frowned at Juoda in confusion. That wasn't a wolf like her brother and she, nor a lion like Daddy and much of her siblings. It vaguely looked like that stick-legged thing that was with them when they came here. Brack? Bhreac? Something like that. But this one was... small and big-eared and clumsy looking. Actually, they all looked that way to her. There's no way she'd ever want to balance on sticks all her life. Before she could ask what was going on, Dagrún piped up. Though he asked who it was, Svari felt the need to explain what it was. "It's a bhrack, bróðir."

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RE: Black Blood and Red Eyes

Juoda Kraujas

Juoda followed Regalia all the way back home, prancing as they traveled. He was elated, he had a new mom, a new home and new siblings! All of this was so exciting. As they approached mama sent out a call to summon his siblings. A small practically hairless male puppy toddled up to Juoda saying hi and asked “who is?”. Juoda’s tail wagged happily as he stared back at the small child. He opened his mouth to speak when another child voice caught his attention and distracted him.
The voice belonged to a female wolf child around his age. “Yay! Someone my age to play with!” But wait did she just call him a bhrack? He most certainly was not a bhrack! Juoda looked confused at the young girl’s words for a moment, and then spoke with confidence while smiling, "I am not a bhrack! I am a deer! I am a hvati hjǫrleiks! Right mama!?” He turned to Regalia extremely proud of himself for finally pronouncing the strange word just like she did. His face beamed and then turned to confusion as it hit him. "Mama… what’s a bhrack?” Although he was confused he did not want to waste any time, he wanted to investigate his new siblings! After all they were his new friends. He carefully approached the small hairless boy and lowered his head down to attempt to give him a sniff. If successful he would giggle happily in approval of his new baby brother. He would then walk over to the young girl in hopes to do the same.

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RE: Black Blood and Red Eyes

Dagrun stumbled towards them first, and Regalia felt her expression warm. The sight of her own kids did things to her heart, and she was certain that, with time, it would do the same with Juoda. They'd only just met, but she felt quite protective of him. She adored all children, had patience with them that she lacked with adults, but her own offspring always got the majority of her love. That and her grandbabies, of course. Before she could answer Dagrun's question, Svari came forward with her own answer. Regalia choked in amusement. Then, to add to the hilarity of the situation, Juoda proclaimed he was not a 'bhrack.'

I'm gonna die from adorable overload.

"Bhreac is the name of one of my grandbabes," she said, grinning. "She's like you, in a way. A deer." She looked to Svari and Dagrun, wanting to teach them. "The proper term is deer. Bhreac is the name of your niece." Despite that Bhreac was much older, she was still their niece.

Not like that's the weirdest thing going on in the Dame family tree, aye?

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