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All Welcome A Midday's Siesta

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RE: A Midday's Siesta

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Cayaarta Ubaxa

She at some point along the way over to the peninsula had moved up towards Verndar’s shoulder, keeping pace with him. Her eyes laid upon the sights of a small but modest one floor home. It was plenty big enough for her since she preferred to be outside, but if she ever planned on having kids….cheetah children needed space; they needed a lot of space. “Wait a moment... why am I thinking of kids already!?” Her multicolored eyes peered at Verndar, not showing any sign to what she just thought of in her head. She smiled at him, “I would have to agree with you about that, it is surely much better than a tree. It is also the perfect size since it’s just me right now, I may have to expand on it later though…” … well damn, she really meant for that last part to stay in her head. She ended up letting him know what she was thinking of anyways. Hoping he didn’t catch it, she walked ahead of him to hide the slight blush to her face. She was unaware however that her embarrassment caused Glow to activate giving her a soft glow around herself.
Her lean body swayed as she walked inside of the home to take a look around. Her tail swished back and forth. Inside the walls of the home she quickly became aware of the glow radiating from her, “Damn it… how does this power deactivate. I need a manual or something for this. It keeps giving me away.” She spoke softly back to Verndar who she assumed was behind her. “Sorry, I am new to the whole glowing thing. Not sure what activates it yet, or how to make it stop.” The house looked lovely on the inside, and she was right, it was big enough for her alone. Should she just go for something so modest and upgrade at a later time, or should she actually plan for the future for once and get something bigger. After all she came to these lands for a home, so she could safely have a family, so she could sleep at night without worry. This was the first time in a long time were things were working out for her in the positive.
Partially out of curiosity and part out of needed a nudge in the right direction she turned back to Verndar and looked at him with gold-green eyes. “What do you think about this place, personally speaking? Does it appeal to you?”

"She talks."“She thinks.”“She does.” “Her Magic.”

Oc. Warning... semi bad language?


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