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All Welcome Missssed My Meaninng
Slithery boio

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Missssed My Meaninng

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The cold winter had been sssssomewhat harder than Ryu had exxxxpected it to be. But of coursssse finding the sssssmaller mealsssss weren't that hard for him. Of all the thingssss that Ryu misssssed the mossst though wassss meeting new people.

"New people, baaah!" The blue hissssed out ssssshowing hissss dissslike for people and new thingssss in general.

"You would do bessst to make a goood firsssst impressssion. A lasssting one that could... tassste gooood." The toxic of the green ssside hissed back in disssapointment at the lack of food.

But of coursssse there wassss nothing he could do about it. Ssssso he kept along to the branchesssss, sssslithering and winding hisssss way around the thick shaftssss of threeessssss. It wasss when he came upon the watersss that he ssstoped and looked out in curiossity as the moon sssshown off of the ssssmooth waterssss.

In and out the tongue of the sssserpent flicked. Tesssting the air for anything. But again nothing wassss found and ssso Ryu found a thick branch to curl himssself up on and watch the world assss night descended upon the new land he came to know.


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RE: Missssed My Meaninng

Nyru DelDunno


Nyru wanted to explore more. Having nothing to do at the kingdom, she decided to go and explore some morelands of Yavania. She didn't saw exploring some as something bad. Exploring could probably help discover new places. She was still new to Yavania and as such her adventurous heart pushed her to start exploring. She wasn't going to leave the kingdom, just short journeys.

And today she entered this pretty curious place. And this was her very first time feeling sand in her belly. Using her tongue, she wanted to know if there was anyone else on the zone. Blue pearls lurked the place. Stops as her tongue detect a scent but weren't sure of what. Turn her head to a side and spotted a tree. That could be a good place to take a sunbath. So starts creeping toward the tree. Her DARKVISION helped her see in a range of 10 feet in front of her.

Her tongue came in and out quickly tasting the air. And once she reached her destination. Starts climbing the bark, but before she could have her whole body into the trunk sees another snake on a branch. 'Dang.' She thought as stares at the other reptile. Look around as sees another branch. Unsure about what to do returns to the ground and curls by the base of the tree.

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RE: Missssed My Meaninng

Ryu looked down and noticed the rainbow boa curled on a tight coil beneith the branches of the tree.
“Hello pretty one” He hissed out his tongue flicking out.
“What beautiful scales thissss one hasss.” Ryu’s whole demeanor changed as his head flicked to the green side. His gaze falling on the boa. Slowly his emerald coil unwound as he lowered his body from the branch. He didn’t lower all the way to the sands of the cove but hovered lightly above it.
“And what doessss one call you pretty jewel?” The blue ey flicked to the snake before him but only for a moment before the green flicked back again.
“You fool ssshe is clearly not a jewel but a beautiful gem.” The green eye took in the beauty before it.
“You are the sssstupid one for jewelsss are much. much more desssired” the blue hissed back
They mixed colors moved back and forward between their argument almost oblivious to the person they were talking to.


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