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Private (Bran & siblings)Lesson number 1

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(Bran & siblings)Lesson number 1

(This post was last modified: 12-06-2018, 01:54 PM by Nimue. Edited 1 time in total.)
Nimue Shardae Tsoo

"I am tiny compared to many"

Nimue hasn't done much these days despite her attempts to find something she could do to entertain herself. She could go beyond the borders to explore as she usually does. But she wanted to share time with her family or spending her time closer to the Gullborg. And today the ex-queen wanted to do something with her new siblings that were all adorable for the sparrow. She may give them some lessons today. As their older sister, she felt the responsibility of doing her best to teach them many things that could be of use for them. And beside this, she wanted to give her parents some help with raising them. It might wasn't necessary but for her it was.

And as her wings carried her quickly across the grow, bi-colored eyes focused on where she was going to. She knew the way to her parent's house. But she still didn't want to crash with branches. If she does how will she teach them? So that was why she did her best to dodge the leaves and branches. And after some time she devised the treehouse of her parents ahead. Smiling lands on the branch the entrance was. And starts calling for her siblings. She wasn't going to force anyone. This was for those who wish to learn. 'Lets see who comes.' She thought as waits calmly.

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