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Unique Magic Branches

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Unique Magic Branches

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Unique Magic Branches

Hello all! Here's another topic for Yava to vote on and discuss.

Currently, Unique Magical Branches of magic, listed near the top here, work differently from elemental magic in the following ways:

1. They do not have a linear order you must purchase them in. For example, for Fire (an elemental branch), you must buy level 2 before you can buy level 3.

2. They do not have a linear order you must practice them in. For example, for Fire (an elemental branch), you must master (practice 3 times) level 2 before you can practice level 3.

3. They have various amounts of spells per branch, whereas each elemental branch has 10 (with various upgrades).

The suggestion is that we change this. We make Unique Magical Branches linear in both practice and purchase. Additionally, we make each one have an equal amount of spells (7 or 10).

Option 1 | I like this suggestion!

Option 2 | I am indifferent; I defer to the majority.

Option 3 | I am opposed to this idea.

Vote and comment! You may only vote ONCE per roleplayer.


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RE: Unique Magic Branches

If nothing else, I woul like to see more spells added to the unique branches. ^^

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