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All Welcome Wam Bam Thank You Ma'am [Graeme]

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Wam Bam Thank You Ma'am [Graeme]

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The king was tired, but satisfied. The winter's hand wasn't so harsh to his kingdom, at least as of yet. Days blended in to each other in grayscale. However, somehow Grennian couldn't find himself losing things to do. Less full of energy, sure, but not ouright bored. He had killed a hawk earlier, one that had broken it's wing. He had done it a favor by killing it. The wolf easily reanimated it with Zombie and sent it flying. He wondered if he could cause that weird thing to happen that happened last time. Sure enough, Extend gave him access to the flying deceased's eyes. He smirked. This was invaluable. Kill something that could fly and gain unimposing access to a--literal--bird's eye view.

With the bird still soaring above, he'd call for his adopted ward. Graeme and him hadn't had much interaction since gaining their titles. Grennian needed to rectify that now. There was so much the boy didn't know.

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RE: Wam Bam Thank You Ma'am [Graeme]

Graeme Grennian-Olev

Alabaster hackles danced as he patrolled the border, jaws parted and tongue lolling carelessly. Crosshairs flicked from side to side, ears pricked for the sound of another's approach. Though not necessarily worried about anyone coming along and seeing his careless state, Graeme still figured that it'd be important to clean up his act before anyone could witness him and get the wrong idea about the Black Hand or, even worse, his new father. The thought, when in the comfort of his own solitude, still brought a thin mist to his eyes that stung and forced him to blink rapidly. Yet, it wasn't someone else's approach that drew his attention. The call of Grennian, of his father, caused the boy to alter his course towards its origins in an instant.

Graeme would never keep his father waiting longer than necessary.

As if to prove his inner thoughts correct, the sight of the skull-faced lupine he called his sire (in more ways than one) soon met the agile heir. Hackles smoothed upon arrival, tongue tucking itself back into his jaws as an eager smile twisted across rosy lips instead. Ears pricked out of intrigue, tail arching over his back out of excitement as Graeme would call out while attempting to close the distance between them to around two feet with Graeme approaching his father head-on.

"You called, da?"

Graeme Grennian-Olev did not hesitate.

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RE: Wam Bam Thank You Ma'am [Graeme]

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It was time for him to pick another chosen: another worthy to wear his blessing. There was one wolf that he had in mind, one that had performed certain tasks for him in recent days. It was something that the stoic avatar could not forget, and he found it worthy of his attention. With his mind made up, he made his way to the mortal plane.

It was true, the lands were already touched by winters kiss, but even that would not explain the sudden flurry of snow that appeared with little warning at all. It offered very little visage for any looking on, but as it began to die down it became apparent that standing within its depths was a very large bear standing on its hind legs. His head was inclined, icy blue gaze targeting Grennian. The avatar landed on all four legs, the ground in his immediate area shuddering from his sheer weight. Even standing on all fours he was still larger than life. His stoic expression revealed nothing, and one had to wonder whether he was angry, or if his face just looked like that all the time.

He paid little attention to Graeme, having only spared the lad a fleeting glance before focusing the reason he had made this trip once again. "Avestis Grennian," his voice boomed, daring only the foolish to dismiss his words. "You have proven yourself to me on more than one occasion. For that, you are one of my own." He reached out with his magic, then, the invisible tresses touching Grennian, and leaving behind a visible mark of his blessing. He gave a curt nod of his head, the spontaneous blizzard renewed. A flurry of powder, and snow wrapped around him, hiding Cyfton from view. When the winds settled all that was left in his place was a fine dusting of powder.

Something has happened! Grennian has been blessed by Cyfton! He has received a blessing marking (#007dae) that may be placed anywhere upon his body. Grennian has been granted three levels of Bardic magic and also has access to Cyfton's unique power, Hydroguise!

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© Zuulokalhi
3.5 (4.75) years
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RE: Wam Bam Thank You Ma'am [Graeme]

The moon-white boy was prompt as always. The man sat on his haunches upon his arrival. Now, what to say, how to start? To be honest, Grennian hadn't completely thought his lesson through. 'Perhaps first, I'll simply ask him what he'd might want to know.' However, if the child said he didn't know, he'd need a backup plan. Candles, hunting, and politics flooded the mind. "Graeme, son, today I thought I'd teach you--"

Wind. Ice. Winter. In a tempest flash Cyfton was there. At first the wolf's blood ran cold. Was the bear here to remove him for some godforsaken reason? He wouldn't. Grennian had done nothing wrong. The booming voice of the huge warrior proved that wrong quickly. 'One of my own'. He wrought favor with the avatar. He felt.... strange. He bowed his head curtly and respectfully to him. Even after the polar one left, he felt slightly different. It could have been in his head. Or, it could have been the newly aquired apperance the man couldn't see. Long, Cyfton-blue markings descended from above his eyes, through the gaze, and down to his chin. They ended at a sharp point on his neck.

With the bear gone, he turned back to Graeme.

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