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Private [Akuma] Hallelujah



RE: [Akuma] Hallelujah

Dark ears flicked. Acknowledging the voice of Akuma. However, what she heard caused rage to boil within her. The young girl couldn't believe it. A cannibal? White fangs showed as her lips lifted. A snarl echoed from her chest up through her throat. What made the matter worse was that he preferred children. Mal was a child. No, the wolf did not fear the dirty, white canine. Instead, it only angered her.

Mouth opened to speak, but a presence of death enveloped the pair. The child quickly shut her mouth and spun around. Bright, green orbs starred up into the unemotional, whites of the walking corpse. A command was given to Mal, and for a moment she considered to obey the demand. However, threats were then thrown at Akuma. The black beauty whipped her head around to look at murderer. Mal actually wouldn't have minded the threats to be acted upon. Some punishment was probably in order, but then Akuma had to open his bloody mouth.

Fur immediately stood on end at his reply. What an idiot. How dare he even request to die when living was much more of a punishment. Dying would grant him freedom. Life would put him in a prison to rot and die. Her thoughts were cut short at a familiar voice. Mal turned to now give her attention to the King. He had saved her, and she owed her his life. Now he appeared angry and displeased, and Mal did not intend to be the cause of it.

"Your Majesty and Madame, if I may speak..." she began as she bowed her head, showing her dark horns towards Grennian and the strange woman. It was not a threat, though. Instead, it came off of gratitude, respect, and reverence towards the skull faced male. "I don't think killing him would be the best decision," she paused. "He is a bad wolf," she said giving a head dip towards Akuma to signal it was he she spoke of. "He sees dying as freedom. If you keep him alive, then he will be happy," she paused to think of the proper words, "but if you punish him, then he won't like living very much. He deserves to suffer, anyway." It was now silent and the girl backed away slowly. She prayed that the older wolves found favor in her.

OC: Mal doesn't know what Grennian said to Exposed, but she is grouping both of them together because they are older and have the power in the situation.

"speech." power. element.

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RE: [Akuma] Hallelujah


Greetings, roleplayers!

Slash, please, remember a 1.00 year old animal in Yavania is equivalent to a 10 year old human. Now, what are the chances of a child saying: “This waste of flesh. Sees death as freedom and heaven. However, if you keep him alive, and punish him. then you will make his life a hell. He deserves to suffer rather than be given what he wishes.”?. Little to none, I’d say. Please, think of this when writing children and teens. ^^

This thread is not on hold and may continue!


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RE: [Akuma] Hallelujah

Exposed & Grennian

I hate you, I love you
I hate that I want you

Audition and radar bore against the oreg’s wintry undergrowth, those over-extended canines lurching athwart the very essence of Lebraid’s lips -- she froze, the words of a child being no more than foolish, and very wrong. Their decisions from previous confrontations were not forgiven, and yet, here they stand, admitting to the crimes of murdering innocents because of their foul, irresponsible ways.

Not only that, but their victims were merely kids.

Her blood boiled, heated in the rave of a volcanic explosion; oh, so that’s how they wanted to play? Did they not understand the consequences for such sins? Such bravery, or perhaps imprudent words would not grant them leverage here. It left a nasty taste in the back of the woman’s throat, drowned by the need to make them scream; white orbs tried to pierce the boy’s flesh, hackles risen and snarls salivated like some rabid beast. Curdled and raw, it practically skewered across the atmosphere in droned hisses –– their cries for mercy were naught to nothing –– instead, he begged for death. An easy solution, was it not? She was more than obliged to give it to him, and even as Grennian’s appearance severed every nerve in Lebraid’s body, a brow came up nonetheless. Eyes concaved over the earth, daring to delve further into the king’s skin via radar and audition’s honour, “Don’t need you to tell me twice.” Telepathy worked its due, the graveyard’s wrath turning to face the accused -- however, the one she’d told to leave didn’t seemed to comprehend what that meant. They dare defy a psychopath? Coming forward, an option of torture was given; a life of suffering, even, and Lebraid couldn’t help but laugh. My, how bold they were. “Defying an order and giving input where it is not asked,” It bled from the wolf’s mouth like worn leather, groggy and mauled, “That’ll get you killed, girl.” Still, she considered the options of making the child feel as if death were the only solution to his never-ending problem, because to hear them beg for mercy was all too pleasurable. My, she could make them cower, rot and bleed if she so wished -- how fun. Maw wrinkled and ears pinned, the woman’s jaws unhinged to speak once more, bathed by the amusement and disgust she so openly expressed.

This was the beginning of their end, “You’re going to wish you were dead, boy.” Therein, doubt would attempt activate on the threat that became weaponized towards Akuma, those dead, soulless eyes daring to slice into every crook and crevice he wore. Bone and all, even.

There would be no more warnings.

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RE: [Akuma] Hallelujah

(This post was last modified: 01-15-2019, 02:54 PM by Akuma. Edited 3 times in total.)
Rated M for highly mature language and blood

His eyes had somehow focused on the girl with the horns, and he wanted nothing more then for her to leave. Blurred eyes try to focus on the king as he arrives on the scene. The taste of his own flesh combined with the sharp sting of his self-inflicted wound helped bring him back some. For a moment, he's able to form clear and concise thoughts. This moment, however, quickly passes as the words of the younger girl reached those ears--- well ear. He turned his attention on to her, head tilting up from his position on the ground.
Her words should've made him feel bad, maybe they did, but all he felt was relief. He was glad that she saw him as the monster he was, and would now no longer be tempted to even talk to him, hopefully. He didn't deserve the unfiltered purity that flowed from her mouth, or radiated from her presence. Something about the horned gals gentle but enigmatic aura reminded him of her, his sibling. He frowned as he let his own flesh be swallowed down his throat, doing little to satisfy the hunger that had been growing throughout the days of his enslavement. He frowned as he continued to wonder why she was still here. She needed to leave, now. He didn't want her here to possibly see him unravel. Nor did he want her to get hurt by the hag. If anyone would hurt her, it would be him. He would only be allowed to defile her purity.
His attention is forced back upon the hell women as she responds to the younger gals words. It only had him spiraling faster and faster. His breath caught in his throat as if he was waiting for the demon to lunge at Mal's throat. However, no such thing happened. That jaw unhinged with ears flat against her skull, maw wrinkled into a wicked snarl the expressed the emotions she so strongly felt. Her words left him feeling hopeless, doubtful. She was right.... oh he had always wished for death, but not in a suicidal way. If he were to slip into a chaotic river during a storm he wouldn't make the effort to fight. But, if he had a choice over it then he would avoid the river all together. So, in all honesty, he was never a suicidal being.
"Perhaps now is when you start to be one, eh?" her taunting voice causes his own maw to wrinkle in distaste, but he quickly allows himself to shrink when he feels those eyes piercing into his very soul. It burns, and he just wants to creep away.

Oh god, I wished I could get help, if I had changed earlier perhaps I wouldn't be in this situation now. Did whatever gods are up there not hear me crying out of guidance when I was younger?
"Oh yes, they heard you but simply didn't care!" his mothers voice answered his internal cries. She laid in front of him now, face to face with a wicked smirk on those ebony lips.
Blood from his leg pooled over dirty strands and soaked into the ground. It is paid no attention now, for he had fallen silent. He was done with getting his way. He had plunged into the abyss and the rope had snapped. There was no way of getting out now.

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