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Private {Loki and Rai} Irony at its finest

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RE: {Loki and Rai} Irony at its finest

Sribna Nich


Sribna heard Loki and Rai accept the thought of creating a greeting. “If they decide to, it will really help if I meet them somewhere when I can get easily overwhelmed.” Then Loki spoke again “Done. And as promised…” Sribna’s eyes opened wide and seemed to be moving around at the sight that Loki allowed him to see. He did not think he would ever get used to this, it was beautiful… He really was getting spoiled with this. Rai looked pretty, she had two different colored eyes, and many more colors to her fur than Loki did. Although, what colors those were, he had no clue. One of the moment’s Loki shared was that of Rai grinning. Sribna blushed a deep red as a smile appeared on his face and the tip of his tail wiggled. He had never seen anyone smile before.

Sribna softly said out loud, "Tak harno... She looks so happy.” The vision was amazing, Rai was indeed ‘so beautiful’. Wait! What was he thinking!?... He wanted to make the improper thoughts stop. Rai was Loki’s mate, and Loki was Rai’s mate. He should not be having such thoughts about them. He even just said out loud that Rai was ‘so beautiful!’ crap! But wait, Loki and Rai could not speak Ukrainian, so perhaps he got away with it... Please, let him get away with it, this once. Then he would watch what he says outloud. He should really keep such improper thoughts in his head. Sribna allowed himself to enjoy the rest of the vision. His smile went back to a neutral position and the tip of his tail stopped wiggling as his vision faded to black once more.

He took a breath in and spoke, "Thank you Loki for sharing your magic with me once again, I shall cherish the vision as much as the last.” A blush still decorated his cheeks.

"I will first go ahead and memorize Lady Rai first, since I have just seen her in the vision. Please either of you, let me know if I am too rough or hurt you. I will be as gentle as I can.” He smelled the air and made his way over to Rai. He pinned his ears down in submission and his tail was tucked between his legs showing submission again. He wanted to make sure Loki and Rai did not think he would take advantage of the situation he was given. He wanted to keep their trust…. Even if he was having improper thoughts. He would not act upon them… too much.

He attempted to stand in front of Rai and lowered his head his voice soft and laced slightly with nervousness, "Pardon me Lady Rai. I will start at the front. I will have to get close. Please forgive that.” He would then attempt to inch his way closer, trying not to walk hard into her and allow his head to gently touch her chest. He blushed at the contact and then slowly moved his head around her chest before allowing the side of his face to trace upwards to her neck and face. His heart pounded loudly, but he tried hard to maintain a calm breathing pattern. He did not know if they viewed this as such, but being allowed to do such a thing was very intimate, at least for him it was. His neck stretched upwards as his face traced the length of her neck gently and carefully.

His movements stopped moving upwards as the side of his closed mouth touched her jaw. He let out a small breath of air unknowingly near her ear at the sudden realization of how close he was to her face. “This is dangerous…” He thought to himself and then he spoke very softly, again unaware of just how close he was to her ear "Ah, you are tall Lady Rai.” He began attempting to move his face back down the length of her neck before taking a step or so to the right and tracing his face over her left shoulder and leg. It was muscular and firm, most likely due to her being a warrior. He moved his face back up to her torso and paused for a moment to listen to her heart beat. He smiled softly and then continued his ‘exploration’. His neck was still stretched slightly upwards telling him just how tall she was compared to him.

He allowed his face to gently traverse Rai’s left side being careful not to press to firmly on her body. He took his time in trying to remember the feeling, pausing briefly on the small scars and allowing the tip of his nose to press against them allowing him a more detailed feeling of the healed wounds. He did try however not to linger too long, after all he was touching the wife of another man. He made his way down Rai’s left side until the feeling of her hind leg touched his face. “Ah… That is dangerous as well…” He decided against feeling her hind leg and rear section. That was not something a ‘friend’ did after all. He attempted to lean his shoulder against Rai’s body and he turned his head away from her. He then attempted to walk around Rai’s backside to get to her right side. He made sure his face was turned away from her though. He did not want Loki thinking he was trying to make moves on his wife. He made his way over to Rai’s right side and attempted to place his face against her side again. He carefully continued his exploration, noting her strong muscular body and many scars earned from her battles no doubt. Once he made his way back up to her rib cage, he couldn't help but listen to her heart beat once more. Something about the sound and feeling of being this close to someone was nice. He carefully and gently traced his way back over to her neck again, stretching his face upwards until reaching her jaw and then pulling away just before touching her face.

Sribna took a step or two away from her. "Thank you Lady Rai, and I am sorry if I made you feel uncomfortable in any way. Loki, please let me know when you are ready.” His posture was still very submissive, again making sure they knew that he was not trying to make any moves on them or betray their trust.

Dan Hutcheson


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