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Closed Spring's First Bud

© Ailes
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Spring's First Bud

(This post was last modified: 01-13-2019, 06:46 PM by Ailes. Edited 5 times in total.)

Carnán x Lalaia

Click the respective avatar to be taken to their profile. ^^

Both mares are somewhat religious and dedicated to their own beliefs. Thus, it's likely that the child will be exposed to both religions during their interactions with their mothers. <3 In addition, they aren't really lawful or chaotic. They're neutral, rather, and tend to make decisions based on how it would affect themselves/each other and (when the child is born) their babe. Therefore, the kiddo shouldn't be too extreme on either side of the scale in terms of personality! \o/ If you have any questions, feel free to contact either me or Zuu in c-box or via PMs.

We've already made a concept of their appearance, which is below. This can be turned into a table, if the roleplayer wishes, and the image can be opened in full size for further inspection/reference by clicking it. ^^ The babe will have partial albinism, which turns what would've been a plain dark bay coat into dark bay splotches and peppering w/ a white base reminiscent of Lalaia's appearance whilst keeping the naturally dark legs. They also have the draft horse feathering on their hooves and their mane is turned almost entirely pale cream except for its forelock and a tiny bit of the mane before the forelock. Their left eye is green, but it is up to the roleplayer whether or not the right eye is or if it's silver/a combination of both. The patch of bay on their face does cover both eyes, and reaches to just a tiny bit past their ears without actually changing the ears in any way. Credit for the free-to-use lineart goes to Vizseryn on DeviantArt.

Magic is up to the roleplayer, but if you'd like to base it off of their parents then both Lalaia and Carnán have divination while Carnán also possesses earth and plant magic and Lalaia has fire and air magic instead. <3

Carnán will likely teach the kiddo Gaelic, whilst Lalaia speaks Greek and Gaelic. Thus, she's likely to teach the babe Greek and might help out w/ Gaelic. Of course, the kiddo will also know English. ^^

NOTE: The babe will be delivered by the Avatars on the 14th as a two month old. ^^ Thus, we will review apps on the 12th or 13th to give enough time for the account to be made.

To apply, fill out the form below!
<b>OC Name:</b>
<b>Personality:</b> 7+ sentences. <3
<b>Appearance:</b> 7+ sentences. <3
<b>Misc:</b> Optional. Can include magic choices, questions, languages, etc. ^^


© Drastically_
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RE: Spring's First Bud

OC Name: Drastically_

Name: Carmeilla

Gender: Female

Personality: Carmeilla is nothing if not a proper mare and a sweetheart. Her words are as soft as her colour palette and rarely will you see her without a smile on her face. An eternal optimist, she cherishes the world and everything in it. Especially, her parents. The sun is of utmost fascination to Meilla, and she thrives most during midday when the heat beats down upon her back. Perhaps her most favourite pastime is making friends. There's little that makes her happier, besides the golden glow of summer, than having a big bundle of friends to give gifts to and laugh with in the late evening. In fact, Carmeilla treasures her friends as hee most important possession. She would rather give up everything before losing those who mean most to her.

When not laid on her back to soak up the sun, it is likely you will find Carmeilla picking flowers. If not spending time with either of her mothers. Her favourites are the humble daisy and the magnificent sunflower and will often go about her day with these strung into her hair.

Though her optimism and friendliness ways may depict Carmeilla as a social butterfly, she is not the most confident of souls. With those she has not met before, and in large crowds of strangers, she will shrink into her shell and quietly hold her tongue. It isn't that she is particularly anxious or nervous, merely more at home conversing with familiar faces. Quietness aside, she will still strive to befriend those creatures she does not yet know.

Her favourite scents are freshly cut grass and the mild fragrance of outside after rainfall - though she's partial, too, to floral aromas. She isn't much a fan of gore or blood, in fact has rather a prominent phobia of it. Her initial reaction is most often to faint, though when presented with an emergency she will do her best to help out - even if it means she must close her eyes just to remain conscious.

Appearance: Carmeilla, at first glance, is a nimble, but toned and lithe creature. She is made of fine lines and supple curves that accentuate her feminine charms. A gift from her mother Carnan. She has an elegant head with soft features. Her eyes are large and expressive, one a startling bright emerald green and the other a melting silver. They are framed in dark lashes. Patched in a chestnut tone on both sides that freckles out to her neck. The white pigment that adorns her face extends over her entire frame but leaves the other spots of chestnut untouched. Carmeilla's ears are quite normal, having a slight sleek lift at the tip.

Her coat has partial albinism, turning her plain dark chestnut coat into dark splotches of chestnut and splattered with a white coating much like her mother Lalaia. Her legs being darker then the rest of her. Her mane and tail are a pale creme. Except for the forelock itself which is completely black. Both being unbelievably thick and groomed more often than not. Her hooves are the inky black of an oil spill and have a deep shine to them.

Misc: Magic: Greenpaw (Plant) & Whisper (Air)


OC Account
© Slash-GNR
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RE: Spring's First Bud

OC Name: Slash-GNR
Name: Artemisia, Callista, Helena, Hera, Salome, Lilika, Lucia
Gender: Female
Personality: 7+ sentences. <3
Appearance: 7+ sentences. <3
Misc: Optional. Can include magic choices, questions, languages, etc. ^^



OC Account
© Ailes
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RE: Spring's First Bud

Heya Drastically_!

Congrats on getting the kiddo! <3 Would you like the image that we provided for reference to be made into a table or no?

In addition, we did have some things we wanted to point out about Carmeilla's personality that we felt didn't quite match up with what a child of Carnán and Lalaia would probably be like and I've a few things to point out about her appearance from the concept art! \o/ Both mares are pretty outgoing and confident, meaning we don't see how their kiddo could be soft spoken/quiet when raised in an environment where they're consistently encouraged to speak their mind. In addition, neither mare is adverse to violence/death. In fact, Carnán's religious beliefs are centered around life and death and accepting both as an inescapable part of existence. Carnán would most definitely not stand for her kiddo being scared of the stuff and would teach her from a young age to fear neither.

As for her appearance, it's pretty spot on for the most part. However, Carmeilla is bay and not chestnut. Chestnut is the color of Carnán, while Carmeilla's got a darker/richer coat. I'm also going to point out, though it's merely to make sure you're aware of it <3, that I probably worded the way that her ears are affected poorly. The "mask" does not touch her ears, but the bay peppering does and the tips of her ears are also bay. Again, not an edit that needs to be made but merely something that I wanted to point out just in case you weren't aware of it! \o/

Here's another helpful hint as well. <3 She will not have the spell whisper straight off the bat w/ level one air. It's unlocked at level 3 air after purchasing two levels of air and will only be able to be used after mastering featherfoot and haste! ^^


OC Account
© Drastically_
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RE: Spring's First Bud

Yes i would love the image as a table. ^^ I'll make the corrections as soon as i fill out her profile. Thank you. ^^


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