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Borders [M] Family Reunion

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RE: [M] Family Reunion

Grennian & Exposed

I hate you, I love you
I hate that I want you

Grennian's eyes narrowed upon the sunken boy and the man introduced as his someone searching for him. The rogue wished to join, it appeared, but the king wasn't too sure about his demeanor. Nor did he care for his claim on Akuma. Then again, the little freak wasn't really a slave necesary for the realm to keep. It wasn't his place to say, though, he was Exposed's property and he'd rather not tangle with her over someone as pathetic as the white teen.

As if on cue, the demon woman herself showed up.

The instant the scent of her hit his nostrils, he noticed it. She smelled... pregnant. She looked it too. 'Oh FUCK....' What had he done? That psychotic bitch as a mother to his pups could only spell disaster. He swallowed hard, retaining his composure even as she stomped back off. He turned awkwatdly to the other canines there and tried playing it off with a chuckle. "Pregnant women, am I right?"

Grennian cleared his throat, "If you are serious about joining, my question to you is what do you even know about this realm? What makes you want to join?" Who even was this man? That question went unspoken. He had his test to give. "After answering these, I have a task to prove your worth to me. Every prospecting member must complete the task they are given or begone."

Actions. | "Grennian." "Exposed." | 'Grennian.' 'Exposed.'


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