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All Welcome Flower Buds

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RE: Flower Buds

Stallion. Vixen. Why was this fox so caught up on gender specific terms? She claimed it was cultural, so Aslaug didn't say anything... But it was weird, right?

It seemed the fox hadn't understood her offer (thinking she meant to bring them inside the kingdom), so she declined it. Aslaug was just fine with that, but Berani explained the misunderstanding. That was nice of him, but damn him for doing it. The fox was making this awkward. She'd already insulted Berani, so why not let her go? Aslaug smiled at Berani, refusing to let how awkward she felt show. "Yes, that's what I meant," she confirmed. "But it's fine if Riko doesn't wanna go." Pleases don't let her come. "Anyway, let's go. I'll show you the way."

She turned, ready to lead her companion(s) towards the Grove.

-minor timeskip-

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RE: Flower Buds

Berani Jiwa

Berani listened to Aslaug, a friendly smile on his face. By her words he got the feeling that perhaps she did not want Riko to join them. That or she was being courteous and allowing Riko to not feel bad about not joining. There was also a third option, perhaps Aslaug was just trying to be polite. None of that really mattered to him much, if Riko chose to join or not. To be honest he was still bothered by her earlier words, although if it was truly a cultural thing than he would have to be understanding. It was his nature to try and not judge people for their beliefs, as best as he could, that was how he came to know so many different species of creatures and traveled the lands.

He followed Aslaug towards the grove, happy that he would get to converse with her further.

-timeskip to grove-

He followed Aslaug for awhile, allowing her to lead him and respecting any personal space she may require, after all he was a gentleman. The view of cherry blossom trees entered his view and he could not help but smile. He stopped before the river and spoke, "These trees are beautiful mi’lady. This surely must be the Cherry Blossom Grove that you spoke of.” He looked towards Aslaug with a friendly smile. He also noted that Riko had not followed them it seemed like. Or perhaps, she was lagging behind?

"Talk here."
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