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Private [Brunnhilde] Salute

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[Brunnhilde] Salute

☼ Halldora Dame ☼

I hope that I see the world as you did 'cause I know
A life with love is a life that's been lived

Hal was weirdly pleased by the calm lifestyle she had settled with. Her schedule was simple: making sure Jagoda was fed n’ taken care of, watching the tiger dude being kept inside a cell, patrolling the territory, and hanging out around other Valkyrja women. Maybe she still needed to work on that last part, but it didn’t matter, did it? She could always use the excuse of being busy taking care of a kid. She had plans for Jag’, but the girl was still too young to understand. Hal would make a fine warrior out of that cub one day.

Rising to her hinds, ursine limbs would stretch out. ‘Twas hard working on the summer heat while simultaneously being a beast that belonged in the cold. Yes, she could always shift into something with less fur, but nothing felt as good as being her common bear self.

Lumbering towards the falls, the woman would collapse as soon as she reached water. If temperatures didn’t change any time soon, she’d be seeing that lake more often than not. Before being given the chance to swim back to the surface, submerge activated without her knowledge. She could breath. She could breath underwater. The shock forced her to pull herself from within the waters. Hal rose to the surface desperate for air, like she had been trapped inside that lake for hours. The hell had just happened?

OC: Sorry for the bad post! Haven’t typed this girl in a while. :P

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RE: [Brunnhilde] Salute

Brunnhilde Dame

Being on the cusp of adulthood didn't feel that different than being a year and a half. Probably because it had happened gradually. It was her opinion that turning two wouldn't feel all that different either, but she'd wait and see. Being an adult meant she would be allowed to venture outside of the Kingdom. She'd never really felt the urge to do so, but she supposed she was curious. Brun remembered the Arena, how different it was from the lands she was used to --

And she remembered the tournament there. That had been the best part.

The sounds of the waterfall grew louder as she walked, and she finally laid eyes on it. A black blotch in the clear water caught her attention. A bear. Brun wasn't familiar with everyone in the Kingdom -- or even every member of her extended family. That didn't mean she wanted it to stay that way, so she approached the water's edge. "Havin' a swim?" she asked lamely. Well, it was pretty hot, she admitted. "Might not be a bad idea, actually."

OC: Post was great. :D

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