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Borders {M} Peaceful, Above you.

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RE: {M} Peaceful, Above you.

Noam awaited Kari’s words. However the first thing she said he didn’t expect. For many reasons.

"Might I use some of the paint?"

He raised an eyebrow. "Paint? Sure?” How did she know he had paint with him? He used charcoal and some pigmented sticks when sketching. So he was surprised that she asked for paint. He rummaged through this backpack and pulled out a small ceramic container with a tight fitting lid. He opened it up and there was a rich red pigmented paint inside. He held his hand out towards her "This is what your wanting? How did you know I had some on me?” He didn’t bother to mention that the red paint would stain hands, fur, or whatever it came in contact with… not to mention that it had a particular smell to it. Plus… she never asked for a paintbrush.

Kari’s next comment made him chuckle.
"Do you stick your nose into every instance of your mother's life?"

Noam smirked and his eyes squinted with amusement. "You… are avoiding my questions. I don’t stick my nose into every instance… only when needed. I am in a new area, haven’t seen my mother in so long, and just met someone who claims my mother is their ‘friend’, is avoiding my questions, yet oogles at her picture.” He gives her a friendly smile. "I would say that warrants sticking my nose into. Wouldn’t you?”

She then spoke about sign language being a knowledge she doesn’t have. She also stated to not worry about her not being able to sign, that it could be fixed. ”Well, I’d certainly like to see how. She can’t exactly sign with her paws or tail now can she.”

Noam hummed to himself for a moment, multicolored eyes seeming to analyze her. "Hmm… No. I won’t teach you. Maybe later, but certainly not now. My language is deeper than movements that symbolize words. It is deeper than any of the other four vocal languages I speak. Just like a blind creature needs to be guided through crowds or touch things to learn them a deaf person has their own things they need. And… until you learn that, understand that, and implement it around me, I won’t teach you. I have certain things I need help with, that the hearing take for advantage, without even knowing it. I can’t hear any call you try and summon me for, I cannot hear someone calling my name behind me, or maybe the nasty words they say right behind my back. There is much I want you to learn. You can ask my mom for advice, or you can ask me. Or… you can observe and learn yourself. I believe that is not much to ask for you to do first… If knowledge is truly what you seek that is.” Noam had a serious face as he looked at her. He meant what he said, he wasn’t going to teach someone just because ‘that language looks cool.’ That was not how he did things, and if a queen had never seen such a thing before, it wasn’t odd to think that he probably would be the only one who knew sign language in her kingdom. Well other than Helu… but his mom only knew some words… most all of them revolved around food or the kitchen.

"While the picture is gorgeous, wouldn't you wish to keep it?"

Noam hummed again, face showing an odd emotion. It was a mix of them really. He was puzzled, distrusting, curious and a few others, she wanted the one picture, but not this one. She was his mother’s ‘friend’ but oogled the pictures. She avoided his questions. He got a bad feeling from her. He knew she did not know him well enough to know his ticks. But humming was one of them, he hummed when he was bothered by something. He didn’t say anything before he carefully removed the picture from the book and then took a bamboo tube from his backpack and carefully rolled it into it. He also placed the quick sketch he made earlier in there as well. He capped it and offered it to her, a serious look on his face. "Lesson one of Noam. Don’t avoid questions. I don’t like it because it makes me not want to trust you enough to turn around. ‘I am not sure’, ‘I do not know’, even a shrug is an answer. I rely on what I can see, not what I can hear. I look at your facial expression, how long you look at something, a hitch in your chest movement as your breath gets caught, maybe a rustle of your fur, dilation of your eyes, the slightest thing… I see… because I have to. I rely on you being honest with your words because I cannot hear your tone, and if you give me no words, I rely on my eyes. But, even if you are dishonest, people tend to give it away, unknowingly. Please don’t avoid answering questions and trying to so obviously turn the tables on me. I trust my eyes... It gets me in trouble sometimes… but I am rarely off target.”

He gave her a soft smile, "I am not trying to threaten you or anything. But if you are a friend of my mother, or wishing to be more. You need to know that. Of course in some situations you have to lie. Like if your in public, around enemies, or something.. That’s fine… I can understand that… but around my family, or just me. ‘I don’t know’ is a perfectly acceptable answer to give…. So…. with all that said…. when can I go in the kingdom and see my mom? My feet hurt and I would really like some home cooked food.” He gave her a cheeky smile as it seems like he was back to his normal self.


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RE: {M} Peaceful, Above you.

Kari Dame

I am a bit sassy, with some sarcasm thrown into the mix, but stoic at the same time - and brash.

She hadn't know that he carried paint - it had been a mere guess. If he had other things that he used for drawing, it was not a very far leap that he might have paint. To her, that was the only thing that creatures used to make the drawings - because she had never really encountered a primate that uses their hands to do the drawings. The only primate that she truly came into contact with that wasn't brief passings was Benedict. "Thank you," she said, her head pointed directly at Noam so that he would be able to read her lips. "A mere guess - a lucky one at that." She lowered her head, pressing the tip of her nose in the paint carefully. She might not make the drawings often but Kari was well aware of how to make the symbols of Old Norse.

She was sure that everyone in the Dame-Fritjov family would be able to do it.

Then, she'd make the symbol for the Algiz, followed by the symbols of the Verja and Aldrnari. Since she saw the symbols of Old Norse at the base of the tree, she thought she could safely assume that they were from Noam. Most, if not all, of the paintings of the runes were in the grove or peninsula. The main lands in which they used. When she was finished, she let Noam see the drawings that she had made. For using her nose, they were pretty well crafted - a little squiggly here and there but it was clear what she was making. "Algiz, Verja and Aldrnari." She said each of the realm names, pointing with her nose (not at all concerned that it was going to be stained for a bit) to the correct rune when she named them.

Once that was done, the primate would begin to speak again. Her ears flicked before Kari gave a huff. It was a soft breath of air being pushed out of her lungs. She wasn't even sure if the primate would exactly be able to hear it.

Quite honestly, Kari wasn't exactly sure how she was supposed to handle Noam. The denial came that he wouldn't teach her sign language caused the wolf to arch a brow. Well, she supposed that would to be expected. Though, Kari had measures if she needed to learn something. Not that she would use her power as a leader to make the command that he would have to teach her. That seemed more like of a move that her cousin would make. Kari had more of a level head than that - at least, that was what she wanted to think. "If I feel threatened," Kari drawled, "you'd know." She was a big girl - she was able to handle a lot of things. What she did not appreciate was being asked things from a stranger - even if that stranger was someone that was close to Helu. She believed that they were questions that he should have been asking his mother.

"Your mother is this way," she said, even as she noticed the fact that he had taken the drawings and wrapped them up to hand to her. She looked at them before she used shift to change into a gorilla. The change itself was weird - it would probably take her time to get used to it to walk but at least she wouldn't have to bite the encasement that the drawings were in. She took them into her hand carefully as she used her other hand to indicate that she'd lead him to where Helu most likely was at. "Might take a minute for me to help you navigate to where Helu is at. I haven't been anything bigger than tamarin." Before she started to lead Noam to the area in which Helu was in, she would accept him into the realm. "Welcome to the Algiz."

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Jessi S.


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