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Private [Thora] The Middle of Starting Over

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[Thora] The Middle of Starting Over

(This post was last modified: 03-17-2019, 10:45 PM by Naiko. Edited 2 times in total.)

Silver eyes darted about as a young male wolf strolled through. He winced as he walked, a fresh new wound lay on his right thigh, lightly limping both to his disability and the pain.
He had been kicked out of his pa- well former pack just days after the death of the late king and grandfather. It's quite ironic seeing as he would have been appointed heir. The reason?
Well, according to the new king, he wasn't "heir material", which he didn't understand. As anyone else would, he fought for his spot but failed, which granted him this new wound on his thigh.
The wind ripped through his fur as he walked through.
Naiko didn't understand it. He'd been at the pack since he was a pup and as soon as someone new took over and he was of age to be heir, he was kicked out? It didn't make any sense to him. Now he had to basically find a new life somewhere else and...he was nervous about that. Where would he go? How would he live? He had no idea.

He would soon find himself at the Rainbow Beach, feeling the grainy feeling of the sand beneath his paws. In his mouth, he held a berry where he found as he ventured through this area. He sat down, proceeding to snack on the fruity delectable. Naiko heard the sounds of the shore that was just nearby as he took a bite.


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RE: [Thora] The Middle of Starting Over

Thora Dame-Fritjov

We're just simple like a six string
The way this world was meant to be

Another day, another adventure.

Thora explored eastward, exploring more and more of the territories beyond the Kingdom. It could only help, she thought to herself. As if she had to defend her desire to look beyond home. Of course, curiosity didn't mean she'd ever leave home. Nowhere could be better than the Kingdom, and she was not suited to be away from her family long term.

As she explored, between bouts of trotting, she practiced her magic more and more. Gust lashed out with a blast of wind in front of her. As she traveled, she left landmine in her wake -- far behind her. No sense staying behind to watch it explode.

As her paws hit the hot sands of the rainbow beach, thunderstrike activated for the first time. It startled her so much that spring accidentally sent her leaping nearly teen feet straight into the air. She gasped in shock when she hit the ground, paws aching from the impact. Better be careful. Don't want Aurelius to tease me for losing control of my magic! she thought in amusement.

She continued on...until she came across a lone male wolf. With a friendly grin and a wagging tail, she approached. "Greetings!"

"Speech here."
vatorx & Sas. R


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RE: [Thora] The Middle of Starting Over

(This post was last modified: 04-01-2019, 08:20 PM by Naiko. Edited 1 time in total.)

Naiko licked his mouth upon finishing the berry and looked up, a gentle breeze ruffling his fur. The young wolf sat, still feeling quite a bit of pain from his wound by staying upright. He sighed, feeling discouraged, disappointed, angry and everything in-between. The male's eyes looked downwards, focusing on the grainy sand beneath him, an ear flickering. It was then he noticed what seemed to be another young wolf. He looked curiously as the interesting-looking female approached him, whilst greeting him. She seemed to be quite friendly with her wagging tail. The male shot a friendly smile. "Hello." He responded, placing his silver eyes on her. Naiko attempted to hide his pain whilst in the presence of the girl. " How do you do? I'm Naiko, pleased to make you acquaintance." He smiled warmly. His eyes fixated on her.


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