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For the Hell of it

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Larkin screamed. Well not really.. Yes she screamed. A smile pursed on her lips as the sound rang all around her in the canyon of the crows. Her ears turned forwards to better hear the sound. It truly was wonderful. Was it not? "A halfalump here, a halfalump there. All of them everywhere. Here the sounds and know their names." She sand in a scratchy voice. Ah it was so nice to spread her legs. She cackled out a laugh, that too, echoed in the canyon. Her voice was so pretty. Just like she was. No one could tell her differently. Not that she had anyone to actually talk to her. Ahh no matter she had herself. Her and her scars. Mrs. becky had been acting up and she resisted to urge to wipe at the scar on her face she named Mrs. Becky.

"Oh Mr. Rock" She said staring with her one good eye at a large boulder. "Don't you know Mrs. Becky? Shes married to Mr. Ryan. He's this scar right here." She said pointed to her other eye. Her only seeing eye. The scar went right down the left of her seeing eye. "Kittys gave me Mr. Ryan. Cute little kitties. Children you see. Oh how wonderful. But i left then ya see? Bit stifling. Cold too. Mr. Beckett didn't like it." She said moving her paw to the scar on her front leg. Of course all her scars had names. They were her friends. "Mrs. Becky's married to Mr. Ryan. Mr. Logan is married to Mr. Eye." She said before laughing. "Ha get it? Cause thats the one that took my vision" She waited for a respond as she glared at the rock. "Well of course you don't get it. You're about as dumb as... well.. a rock." She said before she continued to walk. As she did so she either let out a coyote scream or a little verse from a made up song.


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