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All Welcome Who's Who [Meteor]

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Who's Who [Meteor]

Dvir moved along the borders. A bored look upon his face. He didn't know what else to do. He couldn't find Chastity which was fine because he didn't really need her. Which wasn't very true. He enjoyed being around her. Enjoyed having her at his side. His hoof made furrows in the grass as he walked the borders. It had just rain so the ground was more wet that usual.

As Dvir looked up he saw shooting stars and tilted his head to watch them. Only they he noticed they were getting larger. He watched one as it came closer and closer, shooting by her to land about 50 feet away. Curious he moved closer. It was just outside his borders. Flames were still high when he moved to it. A small rock was embedded in the ground. Having never seen something like this he was curious. He cautiously moved closer, feeling the light flames against his fur before he peered at the meteor.


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RE: Who's Who [Meteor]


Your thoughts shape your vision.
See what you choose to see.

Chastity patrolled the borders almost everyday. Radar leading her along while Audition remained passively active in the background. She was proud. She had a realm, her realm. She had magic that allowed her to maneuver better then she could before, Chastity could build for those she led. Though there were not many, she would do her damndest to be sure they lived comfortably and safely with the help of Dvir. Sure she wasn’t a bull with huge antlers and the ability to skewer an enemy on them, but she had her words and wisdom. She smiled as she walked along. They had built a realm on nothing but a blessing from an Avatar. The two of them managed to do it all together.

Her thoughts were interrupted by a loud noise that hurt her head. Flattening back her ears and halting. Immediately a headache began to set in. What happened? Chastity moves forward, among it all she noticed Dvir. Frowning as she approached, attempting to be careful of the cracking noises around her. She had no idea what it was. ”Be careful... do you know what it was?” Curiosity had her. If it was something at their borders they had to investigate. That was when Radar caught flames and her head whipped around to look. SHe had never seen anything like it. It smelt as if it was burning, could it be fire? That was a dangerous thing.

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RE: Who's Who [Meteor]


Forage is LEVEL 2. Nothing was found.

Dvir - 1 - light injury


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