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Meeting Never Again [M]



Never Again [M]

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Aurelius didn’t know what had gotten into him. And, deep inside, he knew he didn’t want to know. It was a sickening feeling- of hatred and pain. There was no such thing as a feeling more agonizing.

Depression had kicked in since his last encounter with Abraxas. For once in his life, the AWD truly felt guilty. For once, he felt incapable. Well, wasn’t he? What good was a king if everyone thought he was bossy? If Frigga - the one who saw the good in everyone - failed to see the good in him, no one else would. And that made him worthless. He was arrogant, and that title was the title he was forever bound to. Arrogant, not king. His heart ached at the thought. His purpose was to lead. And, if everyone thought otherwise, he had no purpose.

Standing upon Defros’s Pass, Aurelius stared into the horizon. No, his time hadn’t come, but he didn’t care. Because, would it ever? He barely chuckled. ’You love the ocean,’ he told himself, ’so go to it.’

Taking a step forth, the man would tumble from atop the path. He made no effort to save himself, nor did he think twice of what he was doing. Hence, he was at peace once his body reached the water.

And, just like that, Aurelius Dame-Fritjov was no more.

-Exit Via Death-




RE: Never Again


They say you're basic, they say you're easy.
You're always riding in the backseat.
Now I'm smiling from the stage while
you were clapping in the nosebleeds.

Tikal and the BlackHand were now one. The new combined realm was bigger, stronger. Ahuitzotl could get used to this new life. The life of a mercenary... it suited her. Even better, the BlackHand, her new allegiance, was a force to reckon with.

She flew close to Defros' Pass, over the sea. The land of the Avatar of Chaos was truly a sight to see. Any terrestrial animal would have difficulty walking here, but Ahuitzotl had no problem being here. She could fly.

Her violet eyes caught the sight of a small canine she did not know: an African wild dog. He was looking ahead strangely, on the edge of the cliff. He began to jump.

You fool! Ahuitzotl thought, and before she knew what she was doing, she was diving towards the dog in an attempt to rescue him.

But it was too late.

She was forced to pull up as his body hit the water, unable to continue further. She had no choice but to watch his body sink below the waves. How stupid was he?

She lacked sympathy for the man. It wasn't her way. He made a stupid choice. But something in her wanted to help... as fruitless as the attempt was. She circled the point of impact, looking down at the disappearing shadow.



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RE: Never Again

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Abraxas Bast

There's a reckoning a'comin and it burns beyond the grave
With lead inside my belly cause my soul has lost its way

Abraxas had been wandering around looking for more ingredients to craft with, maybe even find some inspiration on new scent blends he could create. Although today’s wander took him closer to the south than he wanted, but he had checked many places in the north already… So maybe going a bit more south wouldn’t hurt.

In the distance he heard the sound of waves crashing against the cliffside. Perhaps he could take a moment and enjoy watching the ocean. Gentle footsteps took him near the cliffside a the pass. In the distance he saw Aurelius’ figure walking towards the ledge. “He is getting too close.” He picked up his pace and began sprinting towards Aurelius. ”What is he thinking? He couldn't possibly be about to jump...” Fear ran in him and he began to run as fast as he could towards the king. ”Don’t jump. Don’t jump. Don’t jump!” His fears came true as he watched Aurelius walk off the cliff. Abraxas yelled as loudly as he could, "AURELIUS!!!!!!” He ran to the edge and look over the edge in time to watch him hit the water and a falcon to have dived down and circle where his body landed. Abraxas turned white and froze just staring at the ocean.

Helu and Xewk had been traveling together in the area for awhile looking for ingredients. It was a distance away from the kingdom so Helu waited in the kitchen and had asked Xewk to join them. They were approaching the cliffside when they overheard a yell.

"Shit! Helu run with me!” Xewk yelled as he headed towards the sound of the yell. Helu followed Xewk and ran as fast as they could with him. As they approached the ledge area they saw an AWD standing near the ledge looking down.

"Genna… Is that Aurelius?” Helu spoke softly. They had remembered the name from the first time they met Kari. She said that Aurelius was King of the Verja.

"No… I think… Aurelius is no longer with us…” Xewk stood staring at the sight, almost as frozen as the lone AWD was. Memories of Ilma and his death began haunting him. Wait… how was he going to tell Frigga… She needed to know… His ears flattened on his head as he began to figure out how he was going to support Frigga during this time. She would absolutely be devastated by the news.

Helu looked at Xewk and saw their brother going through an emotional moment. It was most likely due to Ilma’s death… they were haunted by it as well, but right now, they needed to get the man away from the ledge. Helu walked up to the stranger and spoke warmly and gently to them. "Dear... You need to step away from that ledge now...” They would use force if they saw him try and jump too, but they wanted to give him a chance to back away.

Abraxas turned around to the sound of someone talking and he began to cry. It was his fault. He could have maybe ran faster and stopped him from jumping. He could have just willingly given Aurelius the information he needed, he could have maybe avoided the meteor. He could have been nicer. It’s all his fault that Aurelius died. Abraxas began weeping heavily not knowing how to deal with all the emotion and walked a few feet from the edge. He began whispering, "It’s all my fault... I couldn’t... Stop him.”

Helu’s protective and motherly instinct kicked in and they instinctively walked over to the man and stood next to him and leaned against him. They made soothing hush tones and spoke warmly, "Shhh… It’s not your fault. I know... It hurts... But it’s not your fault.” They assumed that the man was close to Aurelius but they had no way of knowing.

Abraxas just continued to murmur and repeat in Arabic. "Kuluh khatay. lm 'astatie musaeadatuhu. lm 'astatie alwusul 'iilayhi. Klu dhlk khata'ay.” He truly believed the king’s death was his fault. If he had only been there earlier... He could have stopped it. And now the king was gone, and everyone was going to be sad. They would surely blame him for not being able to reach Aurelius in time. All of these thoughts were running through his head, and the image of Aurelius falling to his death kept replaying in his head. He felt guilty, and angry at himself. He only wished he could have helped Aurelius.

Helu was unsure of what the man was saying, but they kept leaning against him and making soothing noises to try and calm him. Surely he was still blaming himself. He would need someone to look after him for awhile, watching someone die is… scarring, and this man clearly saw it happen. They would have to find his family or friends or mate or someone to take care of him and watch over him. They took a peek over at Xewk to make sure he was okay. Xewk’s facial expression was sullen and as if he was contemplating things. “I am just glad... You didn’t see it Genna…” Despite them seeming like they were holding themselves together, it was a front, they may not have known Aurelius but his death hit close to their heart reminding them of Ilma. Death… was a thing they would never get used to, no matter how many times they had watched it.

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lightningspamstock & salutcoucou

Oc note. PPed Xewk and Helu cause they are my characters

Oc translate: It is all my fault. I couldn't help him. I couldn't reach him. It's all my fault.

Abraxas has an Arabic accent and due to pheromones smells like a blend of Jasmine and Blue Lotus. He wears a necklace made of large sapphires, turquoise, and gold in the shape of a winged beetle.


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RE: Never Again

Kamaria had been hunting a rabbit in Divine Fields when she heard a shout. "Aurelius!" She turned toward where the shout had come from, ears pricked and eyes wide. She didn't recognize the voice of the man who'd shouted, but she recognized the name on his lips. It sounded like her nephew, the king of the Verja, was in danger. She saw a bird of prey high in the air dive toward the ocean. People were shouting; a cougar and an AWD were running toward the cliff. Wings activated. She chirped for Frigga, likewise running over, but it was too late. All that remained of the man was his scent on the air and a dark blob of a body that was slowly sinking into the choppy waves far below Defros' Pass. The guilt Abraxas voiced was contagious. If only I had been hunting further south, then maybe I would have seen him pass me by and...

Done what, exactly? She hadn't known he was so troubled 'til today. There was nothing she could do to change that now. Hindsight is a bikkja, she thought. Her expression was glum. Turning away from the edge of the cliff, her gold and purple eyes landed on Abraxas. She hadn't seen him running over with Helu and Xewk so he was probably the one who had shouted. He had probably seen Aurelius meet his end after failing to stop him as well, thus the sorry state he was in. Kamaria forced a weak smile to her maw, attempting to rub the side of her face along his own. "Shh. Focus on our voices, hon'." Her voice was strong, yet soft. She tried to meet his eyes and hold his gaze. Her tail twitched with agitation behind her— not toward him, but the pain they all surely felt. The atmosphere was dreary and tense. Her pelt prickled with unease. "He is in himinn now. Our ancestors will take good care of him."

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RE: Never Again

Nashad Prince

The only heaven I'll be sent to
Is when I'm alone with you

He was in the sky, giding on wings (granted via ascenson) when he saw the gathering. It was Abraxas among them that caught his attention for he didn't truly know anyone else there. Distress was evident in those gathered, and as Nashad flew closer, he understood why. Someone had jumped--Arelius?! Rosetta-stone translated Abraxas' words and his grief -- "It is all my fault. I couldn't help him. I couldn't reach him. It's all my fault."

Nashad flew towards the side they were focused on, swooping down to check the water. He found nothing, and he remained long enough to be sure. With a sigh, he headed back towards the group and landed, wings still spread slightly. "Abraxas," he said, trying to capture the wild dog's attention amidst the comforting words of everyone else. "This is no one's fault. What makes creatures take their own lives cannot be simplified that way. It's natural when you know the victim to feel this way...but this is not your fault. No more than it is mine." And Nashad felt no guilt. He felt only pity for the young man who had surrendered. A King who had everything and yet had nothing.

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RE: Never Again

Farsight called her, ensuring she was nearby when Aurelius' name was screamed out. She rushed, heart pounding, to the scene -- and her worst fears were realized.

No. No. No.

This time called for her to be stoic, to lead the Kingdom from tragedy to stability, but grief choked her. Her chest felt as if the great world serpent was constricting it, but she didn't have the luxury of breaking down. The hardships of ruling had broken down so many members of their family, had driven them to misery and death (both accidental and purposeful). Was this their curse? What could be done to lessen their burden? She did not know. Aurelius -- he beloved grandson. She'd tried to lead him away from the entitlement Rangvald had given him, but she'd failed him. He was gone now. Gone so young. It hurt to know he'd chosen it, but she also knew the horrors of depression. She'd managed to keep going because, well, she didn't know. Death had never seemed an option. Even when she'd craved an end to her own suffering, she'd never considered killing herself -- but she'd always had children to care for. She loved them more than herself. Aurelius had no lover, no child, and there was no substitute for that love.

Though she didn't trust her voice to hold strong, she spoke. "Kamaria is right. Valhalla welcomes him, and those we have lost await him. He will be reunited with his brother now." She closed her eyes. Though she tried to make it seem like part of the prayer, the truth was that she did so to avoid crying.

"Lo, There do I see my Father, and
Lo, there do I see my Mother, and
Lo, There do I see my Brothers and my Sisters and
Lo, There do I see my people back to the beginning, and
Lo they do call to me, and
bid me take my place among them in the halls of Valhalla,
Where the brave will live forever."

That done, she sent a call out to those around -- summoning them to mourn their fallen. There was no body so they could not send his body out to sea, and that thought hurt her. Regardless, she would ensure the King was mourned.

With Aurelius' death, the throne fell to her. She did not want it, but this was the responsibility she'd been trying to teach him. With a glance to Xewk, she tied to speak to him via telepathy. Will you stand beside me as King? The Kingdom needs stability, and seeing their Queen announce a partner will give them something to focus on that isn't death.

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RE: Never Again


Loving can heal
Loving can mend your soul
And it's the only thing that I know

Farsight tugged at her, trying to get her attention. She did not desire to leave Kamar-Taj just this moment, so she used astral-projection to send her spirit form to where her divination magic desired her to be. Defros' Pass. As she arrived, she realized why she'd been 'called' here. She knew many of these creatures -- Nashad and Frigga. What had happened? The Ancient One did not ask. Listening silently would likely tell her. It seemed someone had died, and it slowly became apparent that it was not quite an accident. The suffering of others hurt her heart. That's why she'd created Kamar-Taj. To help others. To heal them. If only she'd known whomever had killed themselves. She could have tried to help. Once Frigga's prayer was over, she approached the gathering. "Kamar-Taj offers condolences for your loss, my friends" she said to them all, head bowed ever so slightly as she offered her own well wishes to the departed.

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RE: Never Again

"Fuck," was the first word out of her mouth as she arrived. She'd gone from patrolling to hunting in the Plains, so she was nearby when a comotion went down. She'd arrived on the heels of Frigga's prayer and knew someone had died. She just didn't know who. Though she wanted to know, wanted to ask, she didn't need to do so to honor the departed, but how could she do that? By the norns, she wished there was a body. She'd know what to do then. Burn it, as was custom for their cutlure. As it was, there was nothing to burn and nothing to do.

Frigga called, summoning the Kingdom, and Regalia raised her head to echo the summons -- an act of solidarity. Then, coming to Frigga's side, forgoing informalities (this was her fuckin' sister-cousin, after all), she whispered, "What happened?" Who had they lost? Fuck. She was afraid to know, but not knowing was just as bad.

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RE: Never Again


Because of Frigga summoning the Kingdom, this thread will be treated as a meeting and thus will have no posting order. The title will be edited appropriately.


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RE: Never Again [M]

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I know I'm a mess and I wanna be someone
Someone that I'd like better

Yurei was near on the country yard looking for some herbs, the time had just gone slow for the healer as she was completely focused on her task. And she was thinking about returning the kingdom soon. But she wanted to look at another place first. But she didn't know where, but she just followed and walks toward a certain place.

Time Skip-

After some time she found a pass where many people were gathered. Curious but cautious attempts to walk toward them with her ears lowered nervously. Multitudes weren't her favorite thing after all. So as she approached, her ears dropped more as she noticed some people had discouraged and sad expressions or that was what she thought she might be wrong.

"Kamaria is right. Valhalla welcomes him, and those we have lost await him. He will be reunited with his brother now." An AWD started to say and her head cooked to a side and felt the need to ask but her shy side stopped her from doing so.

"Lo, There do I see my Father, and
Lo, there do I see my Mother, and
Lo, There do I see my Brothers and my Sisters and
Lo, There do I see my people back to the beginning, and
Lo they do call to me, and
bid me take my place among them in the halls of Valhalla,
Where the brave will live forever."

'I am not sure what is happening but I better not say anything...no one would care about what I say anyway...' She said failing prey of her pessimism like always. So she would just take a sit and remain silent for now, unless spoken to. Sees Helu, but as she was still unsure about her relationship with the AWD. She just stared at them, in silence.

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