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Meeting Never Again [M]

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RE: Never Again [M]

Xewk Lanġas

Tell me somethin', girl,
Are you happy in this modern world?
Or do you need more?
Is there somethin' else you're searchin' for?

Xewk gave a soft nod to Frigga’s thank you. He did not know Aurelius well, and he believed it would be better for now if Frigga was the one to speak versus himself. He would speak if he felt it was appropriate, but this death is personal to her, and the rest of the kingdom. It was appropriate for her to lead the funeral. Wherever Frigga moved, Xewk made sure to right beside her. He watched her try and comfort two people who she called son and granddaughter in Old Norse. For a moment he got lost in thought, it was like deja-vu with Ilma all over again. ”Do me a favor Ilma, I know you are watching over us... Make sure Aurelius gets to Vallhala safely alright?” In Xewk’s culture, it was believed that the people who have passed continue to watch over the living guiding them in ways unseen. He was unsure that Frigga believed in such a thing, and he was unsure of what Vallhala exactly was. But from what was spoken it was a place with gathered members of loved ones. Xewk looked at Frigga for a moment and then outwards to the ocean. ”And Ilma… If you want to join him you should… You deserve happiness, just like he does.” Xewk hid his emotions, and kept a neutral front up, though sadness loomed over him. He and Frigga could mourn how they needed in private later.

Frigga offered for her son and granddaughter to walk with them and they all traveled back to the kingdom.


Xewk walked closely alongside Frigga the whole way to the kingdom. Once they reached the southern part of the peninsula, Frigga called out for anyone who wished to attend. He then watched her make a raft, then a stone sculpture was made in place of a body.

He remained by her side and after awhile Frigga began to speak to the gathered kingdom residents. She gave a eulogy for Aurelius, expressing how he dedicated all his time to the kingdom and that there would never be anyone that could replace him. She then changed the topic of her speech.

“I will remain as Queen...and my consort will rule beside me.We are here for you. Together, we will make it through this devastating loss.”

Thankfully externally he had everything under control. He managed to keep a neutral face on. But Xewk would be lying if he said he wasn’t a bit nervous, however, he knew that being nervous was sometimes a good thing, it kept you grounded to reality that this was a serious decision. Being king was a large responsibility. He had gone from being the prince of two different kingdoms to being the king of the third. He had seen how bad kings could be, how cruel they could be, he wanted to be different, he wanted to help this kingdom thrive, to be personable with everyone. He wanted to know everyone’s name and be able to converse with them freely. Perhaps that was being a bit too friendly or lax, but he would talk with Frigga later about the duties and other things he should know about the kingdom. And surely news of King Aurelius’ death would not go unheard of elsewhere in Yavania. He knew from Frigga that she had been captured before, so surely she had enemies, or at least those that wished to hurt her and seeing as how she had a brand on her as well as a few others he had seen something had happened to the kingdom at once point. And whatever it was, Xewk was not going to let it happen again.

Frigga’s voice brought him back to the present. He could think later, ask her questions later. Right now he had to maintain his presence here, next to Frigga.

“I present to you King Xewk Lanġas. For those that do not know me, I am Frigga Dame-Fritjov. Grandmother of the departed."

His title sounded foreign to him. It was a tad strange to hear it spoken out loud. After she was finished speaking he decided now would be the time to say something now that he has been officially introduced as King Xewk Lanġas of the Verja.

"Queen Frigga is correct, we are here for you. Losing a loved one is difficult and heartbreaking. If you ever need any assistance working through the loss of King Aurelius, or anything else you have concerns about. Please do not hesitate to approach, we will help you to our fullest potential.” ”I hope she is okay with me saying that.” He gave a gentle nod of the head to those that have gathered and then looked to Frigga and gave a soft smile as if to try and tell her that he was behind her all the way.

Frigga stepped aside and Xewk followed suit. She then spoke again offering others to place anything they wished upon the raft. Xewk did not have anything to add physically speaking. But in his culture it was customary to promise the deceased something as a way to remember them by. It was also customary to speak to the deceased directly, usually it was out loud, however he figured saying such things would not look good, so instead he turned to Frigga and whispered in Maltese. "Nispera li int tajjeb jekk nibgħatlu bil-mod tiegħi stess. M'inix ċert kif jaħdem moħħok. Imma jekk tista ', tista' tisma '..” He gave her another soft smile and then turned to the raft closed his eyes and lowered his head.

”Hello Aurelius, I am unsure if you would be alright with me speaking with you like this, but I would like to imagine you would be okay with it. I hope you have found the peace you were looking for. I knew that you were suffering, but I also knew my presence was unwelcome to you. I have a few regrets… although my biggest is that I did not get to know you as well as I hoped to. Though to be fair, I made a terrible first introduction. In my culture it is customary to promise the deceased something. To you, I promise I will work hard to keep building up this kingdom you cherished so. I promise to be the best king I possibly can be. I will work hard and learn as much as I can. I promise I will love and cherish Frigga for the rest of my days and beyond. I am doing this things because I want to. I want to be a good understanding king, I want to continue to see Gullborg thrive and it’s residents happy, I want to be with Frigga forever. But I make these promises to you because I feel that you would want this too. You are loved and will forever be missed. May your soul be at ease and find its way to your family in Vallhala.” Xewk opened his eyes and then turned to Frigga. He gently would let his tail brush up against her attempting to subtly comfort her during this time. He figured leaning against her in public may be something she would not want. She did not seem one for public displays of affection, but he was not sure.

"Talk here."

oc. Translate: I hope you are alright if I send him off in my own way. I am unsure of how your mind magic works. But if you can, you may listen in.

Xewk has a brand of a ♅ on his right hind leg. He has a large claw scratch scar on the length of his neck. His vocal chords are permanently messed up due to it. While he still maintains a Maltese accent his voice is gravely and rough. He is also missing the tip of his tail.


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RE: Never Again [M]

Eir wasn't far from there as she was spending some time at the library wanting to expand her magic knowledge and maybe getting more to practice her own. Near her, a sheld she found on the beach lied close. She wanted it to be a present for Castiel because he was her friend as a thank you. Tyr her companion rested on her head watching over the entrance like guarding. It was Tyr's idea as he wanted to make sure his now girl was safe. He knew kids could be pretty inattentive to their surroundings. But well he wasn't saying Eir was like that but he just wanted to do it still.

Eir was reading some of the earth section to see what other powers could be done. But she wouldn't be there long, just for one or two lessons. Because after she wanted to have a nap. Touches the image of a rock taking forms.

"This power allows the user to take a chunk of earth, or stone, around them and convert it into stone to shape as they see fit. This power does not work on sand. It only works on 8 foot diameter area at a time. The edge of this area must be within 10 feet of you. This move is not instantaneous, as it involves changing matter from one form to another, and takes concentration."

Smiles at it and wonders if she would have that too. But then a call reached her eyes, making Tyr start flying around. Eir stands up, grabs the sheld on her mouth and quickly runs out of the library heading to the place the call apparently came from. And after some time find a statue of a winged canine and some people around it. With curiosity scanes the figure with her eyes not making a noise.

"Today, we say goodbye to King Aurelius Dame-Fritjov. A beloved son, brother, grandson, friend, and ruler. He never got the chance to become a father. All of his time was dedicated to the Kingdom. Such a King cannot be replaced, and nor should he be. I will remain as Queen...and my consort will rule beside me. We are here for you. Together, we will make it through this devastating loss."

"I present to you King Xewk Lanġas. For those that do not know me, I am Frigga Dame-Fritjov. Grandmother of the departed."

"Now, if you wish to place something upon the raft, you may do so now."

She managed to hear but little of that was understood by her. Death was still an unknown subject for the child. And thus she didn't know what losing someone meant. But the last phrase was. So slowly walks toward the raft and slowly places the sheld there. And even if she didn't know who Aurelius was she still wanted to say something thinking they were just somewhere far away from home. "Goodbye Mr.Aurelius and farewell. Eir wishes the best for you and hopes to meet you and be friends with you someday." She said not knowing the meaning of what she said, she just didn't know many things yet. And there attempts to sit down three feet away from the figure.

She walks. | "She talks." | She thinks.

OC: Learned about Stone shape


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