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RE: Queendom Come

After some more time of debating, I finally manged to stand up and walk toward them. I did so in silence, wanting to just listen, and as the owl spoke, I could recognize the vocals. They were similar to Amari's. My lips formed into a soft smile, my tail lashed behind me as I aimed to come closer. "Miss.Amari. I am glad to see you again..." I spoke calmly before taking a sit.

As soon as I did, I spotted more creatures coming to us. All were unknown to me, never seeing them before. But by the wait Amari spoke to the cougar, it appeared to be tied within theme but I didn't know if that's was true, I just met them. If this had happened seasons ago, I would have been asking for friendship as soon as possible. But that childish behavior was long gone, after what I experimented with Sioni and company, I preferred to keep my support to only those who really deserved, for those who did care for me. I stood up and lied far from them, my chin was put to rest upon my front legs, since I didn't share family ties without any of them I didn't fell the desire to talk. But deep inside me, I felt the gasps of envy building on my core. I did have a mother, but my time with her was brief, she was gone. Leonardo, was gone too. Right now I only had me.

Then I stood up, seeing this enough of social stuff. I walked toward the cave entrancement, I needed some time to rest and think about how I would carry my life from now on.

-Exit unless stopped-

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Nala wears a silver chain around her neck. It was a gift from Leonard for her in
THIS thread.
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