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Private {Nashad & Lucien} Ignoring Signs

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{Nashad & Lucien} Ignoring Signs

Abraxas Bast

There's a reckoning a'comin and it burns beyond the grave
With lead inside my belly cause my soul has lost its way

After a few days of internal compilation Abraxas decided to journey out to the east of the kingdom. The vast desert and abundant amount of sand in general reminded him of his homeland, but, the material possibilities were unknown. So after a few hours of wandering around, he found himself at the lagoon dunes. Abraxas took a moment to just absorb the view. There was something about the blue and green hued pools contrasting the white sand that was truly beautiful. Movement in the water caught Abraxas’ attention. He cautiously moved towards a large collection of water and spotted tiger fish. He gave a nervous chuckle, "w .. jamilat faqat 'asbahat khatiratun.” Abraxas was no expert on fish… but he knew about tiger fish. Tiger fish were super aggressive. His grandfather told him to never get in the water with these jerks, they were aggressive like piranhas… but with much larger teeth. Abraxas shivered at the thought of being bit by them.

Instead of staying around the pool of angry fish he decided to keep walking, and after a minute or so his foot kicked up something in the sand. ”Hmm?” He looked down and spotted a pair of earrings. The earrings were made of lapis, red jasper, turquoise and gold. The design though, was what had Abraxas furrowing his brows. The blue lotus flower was obviously the earring’s focus, it actually had two different version. At the base was a lapis and turquoise open blue lotus, followed by a pearl of red jasper underneath, and following that was a teardrop shaped piece of turquoise with a closed version of the blue lotus flower carved into its shape. Abraxas clicked his tongue and narrowed his turquoise eyes at the jewelry. He knew the multiple meanings behind the lotus flower... purity, beauty, majesty, grace, fertility, wealth, knowledge, serenity, devotion, rebirth and divinity. In his culture, the meaning behind things was important, he was a little bit more than a bit superstitious. One thing he knew you should never do… is curse out a god, especially for a ‘gift’.

"Thanks…I guess...” Abraxas’ Arabic laced voice sounded slightly angry, but more just.. fed up. He had no clue why he kept getting what he thought were signs. And had absolutely no clue what this sign meant. Wasn’t it enough that he smelled like jasmine and blue lotus? Wasn’t it enough that he had Isis’ wings and a winged scarab necklace? Apparently not. ”Fine. I wear the stupidly feminine earrings… like I already don’t have enough femininity floating about me.” With a few moments of struggle and a bit of pain he managed to put on the earrings. His ears were slightly bloody from having to force the earrings on him, after all, he had to pierce them himself.

Abraxas laid down and activated Stitch twice to heal his new wounds by moving his paw over his ears. Afterwards he just remained laying down trying to figure out what the earrings meant… if anything at all this time.

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lightningspamstock & salutcoucou

Oc. Translation: “And.. beautiful just became dangerous.”

Abraxas has an Arabic accent and due to pheromones smells like a blend of Jasmine and Blue Lotus. He wears a necklace made of large sapphires, turquoise, and gold in the shape of a winged beetle.


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RE: {Nashad & Lucien} Ignoring Signs

♛ Lucien Eadric Tyran ♛

Your own personal Jesus
Someone to hear your prayers

Using moonlit shadow step, heading from shadows of trees and bushes, Lucien found himself in the dunes. He had never been more grateful to teleportation than he was now.

The Tyran male was getting used to not having full mobility of his leg, thanks in part to his magic. It wasn't something that he should probably get used to. If it hadn't been for the lions, he wouldn't need to. However, he was more based on magic anyway. This was now a bigger reason why Lucien should avoid physical confrontations. As he moved, he hadn't been aware of the twin being activated on accident. It was the first time in use, even as his shadow detached itself from him. It made a physical body as it stood next to him. The wild dog blinked at it and the shadow returned the blink. The pause was unconscious as he stared at it. As he stared at it, he used sunburst. It wasn't fully charged, meaning that it was plenty weak but it wasn't enough to dispel the twin. Lucien would certainly have to garner more knowledge about what his magic could do. He hated going into things without knowing.

Ignoring the twin shadow for now, Lucien moved around. As he wandered, he stumbled upon a lizard. Using projection upon the lizard, he made the creature see a simple memory of a winter upon the mountains. As he did so, he also used vibration and as he was moving forward, he accidentally used barrier.

The male narrowed his eyes as he focused on what he was doing. In his concentration upon the lizard, he wasn't aware of the twin dispelling. Blinking, figuring that he had enough of torturing the poor creature, he left it alone (though not without using chill upon him as he touched it). As he traveled, he wasn't aware of the fact that he was in the same area that Abraxas was in. As he moved about, he was giving a work out to his leg, trying to determine how much he could actually get away with.

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