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Private Citywell [Kids & Vit]

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Citywell [Kids & Vit]

Regalia Dame

I dream of our story, of our fairy-tale
Family dinners and family trees
Teachin' the kids to say, "Thank you," and, "Please,"
Knowin' if we stay together that things will be right

Regalia started the day with a jog, and that quickly turned into a 'practice every spell' session. She loved her magic and making it stronger only made her love it more. As she patrolled the borders, she used lightning towards the ocean. Then, she continued on. After a few minutes, she paused and used steadfast to steady her stance, making her hard to knock over. Vibration activated next, but she didn't seek to use it. No, she focused on a little shorebird and tried to use subjugate. However, the idea was appalling to her, so it failed. Taking control of someone else... Ick. As someone who'd had her control taken away far too often, she found it disgusting. That power definitely wasn't for her.

Regalia headed home on that note, deciding she needed the comfort of family to wash away those thoughts. She snatched a few late blooming fruits (apples and such) on her way. As she reached her home, she sat down near the front door, set down the fruits, and called out, "Anybody hooome? Mama's got treats!" Sure, two were felines who primarily ate meat, but tasting a fruit wouldn't kill 'em. If they didn't like it, they didn't like it.

Kylee29 & Kati H.

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RE: Citywell [Kids & Vit]

Juoda Kraujas

Juoda did not mind babysitting duties as he was watching over Hillevi as she was chewing on a bone. Both of them heard Regalia’s call saying she had treats. Hillevi made a loud excited squeal as she dropped the bone and tried to move as quickly as she could to the front door.

Juoda stood up and followed Hillevi, after all her quick, was his slow… at least until she got older "Hillevi, slow down, you shouldn’t…” Just as he spoke Hillevi tried to run across the house and took a misstep plopping down to the ground. "...run… in the house. Up you go.” Juoda leaned his head down and bopped her back leg gently prompting her get up. He wasn’t sure if that is what Regalia or Vitani did with the little ones… but it had been working so far.. So why stop?

Hillevi seemed unfazed as she quickly got back up at Juoda’s prompting. She giggled causing Static to activate for the first time on Juoda’s nose when he prompted her. Juoda winced at the slight pain. Hillevi then called out for Regalia. "Mommy!” She proceeded to walk out the front door, large smile on her face. "Hi mommy!” She attempted to sit down in front of Regalia as Condense activated for the first time attempting to send a light mist of water in Regalia’s direction.

Juoda took a moment to try and figure out if that was actually Hillevi that shocked him, or what exactly just happened. He decided to ask his mother about it. He followed after Hillevi towards the front door, where he promptly bumped hard into the doorframe with his antlers. They were still new to him for this was his first year of having them, his spacial awareness of them… was not perfected yet. "Ow… I’m fine. Mom watch out I think Hillevi shocked me. She may have rolled too much around in hides.” Juoda had no reason to think Hillevi’s shock was magic, in fact he thought it was just some static electricity build up by the fur on the hides in the house. He then ducked his head down and carefully made it out the front door. "Hey mom. I think… we may need a taller doorway. You brought some fruit? I’ll wait until the others choose first.” He wanted to make sure the younger kids got what they wanted first.

"Talk here."
Daniel Arndt


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RE: Citywell [Kids & Vit]

Canute Shae-Dame

Regalia turned towards the sound of the kids approaching...and was met with a light mist of water to the face. She blinked and then laughed. "That was amazing, Hillevi! But maybe next time, don't spray someone else, yeah?" Though it was a criticism, it was clear Regalia wasn't upset. Juoda, it seemed, had been playing babysitter -- something he seemed to like doing. A big brother that wanted to be involved. Regalia adored him. "Oh?" she asked, suspecting that Hillevi may have discovered electricity magic as well. His comment on the doorway was met with a laugh. "You're growing into quite the tall young man."

Canute slowly wandered outside and gave a stretch, having been sleeping before mama called them all. He missed the chatter between his siblings and then between them and their mama. "Hi, mama," he said, tail swaying behind him, almost wolf-like. "I'm hungry," he said abruptly, frowning.

OC: PPed Regalia because I play her.



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RE: Citywell [Kids & Vit]

Kion Shae-Dame

Loving myself might be harder
Than loving someone else
Let’s admit it

He raced away from his wolf-shifting mother toward the entrance of the house. Well, race as in attempt to fly as fast as he could. His features were split open in a wild laugh. His paws were uncoordinated at best but Kion didn't seem concerned by it. He didn't stop until he was nearly barreling into Regalia. His head was lowered, most likely going to be the first point of impact to the chest of his mother. His hackles were raised, though, he didn't even seem to be aware of it. Laughter bubbled out of his mouth as he shouted toward Vitani (who was in lion form via shift). "I win!" It was a cheer as he flopped to the ground to stare up at his wolf mother, even as she spoke.

Vitani casually made her way outside, her lips parted into a wide smirk. "I hadn't realized that it had been a chase," she drawled teasingly toward Kion. Her son ended up cheering in laughter, even as Vitani turned her attention toward that of Canute. He claimed that he was hungry. "Well, lucky for you," she hummed toward her tiger son, "that your mama brought you food." She'd noticed the fruit that was resting beside Regalia. She wasn't sure if Kion or Canute would care to try it but it wouldn't hurt them either. Vitani moved until she was near one to push it in the direction of Canute. "Try one."

If he didn't like it, he didn't like it. She could easily get him something else to eat should that be the case.

OC Note: PP Vitani cuz she's my character.

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