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Claim Here, We Will Rise

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Here, We Will Rise

Narcissa Malfoy

Diamond Thrones and Royal Beds.

Narcissa had enough dillydaddling, for the dishonour imposed by previous confrontations would not go unheard nor ignored -- why, the Mafloy’s were more than capable of ruling.

Why, had they not understood by now?

Where they resided now was decided on past discrepancies and a vulnerable shield, a degrade in their numbers, despite being more than proficient of handling any situation that arose. However, because it seemed none were able to see their successes, the woman decided otherwise on remaining here; blueblood’s were royalty, and they, for one, held power in name and a reputation unscathed. ‘Cissa made choices based on what was best for their family, their hereditary, and those who continued to vow loyalty. If they dare speak against it, she will not tolerate such crude foolery anymore –– subzero sliced the very robe she wore, wisped by ice and a sheet of cold. Morsmordre may’ve plummeted, but this will not. It was time they rose from the ashes anew, and that is exactly what she was going to do -- coming forward to a cove of renewal for what has yet to be, featherfoot lightened her delicate steps. A brow came up, that singular, oceanic-blue narrowing with invitation as she called for the Malfoy’s and those who sought to join, promising and powerful. Why, they’d come to understand how wrong they were for thinking otherwise on just how well she’d levy as queen once again. As if she wasn’t already one, however. Crown arched and hackles beautified, Narcissa simply waited, silence dwindling upon the break of dawn; Carina and Aeson arrived without question, honoured by their mother’s preservation. It’d been far too long since they rose, and the woman was going to prevail nonetheless. It wasn’t as if she couldn’t, and that in itself proved that the Malfoy’s were comprised of a lineage that would not fail, not even once. She dare not let it be true.

OC Note: PP’ed Carina and Aeson as they are mine. <3

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RE: Here, We Will Rise


And I'm walking on a wire, trying to go higher
Feels like I'm surrounded by clowns and liars

Like a chameleon shedding its skin, Severus stepped from the guise of a silent, diligent member of the Kingdom. He'd lived a quiet life there, attempting to stay under the radar as he was well aware not all in the Kingdom wanted them there. That had been evident way before the stranger had rejected Caer's attempt to rule. Who was she, Severus wondered, to deny Caer? Rai Dame had the right, seeing as she was of the Council...but the wild dog hadn't seemed like anyone important? Lest one counted the attention one of the Dames was paying her. So, was that it, he wondered? He'd earned his place with sex. Perhaps the wild dog had done the same.

Finally catching up to Narcissa, Carina, and Aeson, he raised a brow and glanced around. "At least it has more charm than the mountain," he drawled. Scenery wasn't very important to him, but it wasn't practical to live on the cold mountain. "What will you call this new realm -- our new home?" he asked Narcissa.

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Severus is a horribly unpleasant fellow, but his bark is much worse than his bite. Please know that his opinions of others in no way reflects his roleplayer's thoughts or feelings. Also, due to being blessed by Cyfton, some of the strands of fur in the mane around his neck are tipped with blue. He wears two rings: a plain gold one around the base of his tail and another on his right paw.


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RE: Here, We Will Rise

You thought I was soft and sweet
you thought an angel swept you off your feet

The call was not lost on the young man and he couldn't help but make haste in answering it. He had not enjoyed the treatment he had received for attempting to secure the lands that they had failed to secure themselves. After all, the Avatar had called because the previous ruler had failed, had he not? Yet, he was the one who had been in the wrong. They very thought was ridiculous. He wasted no time crossing the borders of Aldrnari and following the call of his mother.

He stepped lightly and quickly, tail flicking behind him as he came upon the gathering that was slowly beginning to grow. Those molten brown eyes glanced from his father to his mother, and finally to his siblings before he reclined slowly to his haunches. "Mother," he greeted slowly, a dip of his crown given to Severus. He did not want to sit idly by and have nothing to contribute to the land, so he launched right into his proposition for his mother. "I would like to be part of your council." There was little need for pretty words. Caer believed in being direct with his family. There was very little reason not to be.

Post. "Talk here."
Andy Leonard


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RE: Here, We Will Rise

Lucious Malfoy
Hit me with your best shot
He had thought about what had happened with his son. Frustration couldn't even begin to describe what he was feeling. Lucious Malfoy was not accustomed to being made a fool.

So, he was sure that his thoughts would eventually lead him to doing what he should have done a long time ago. So, as he stalked Narcissa, he found that they were pretty much already on the same wavelengths. She had Carina and Aeson with her. He smirked because it seemed that she felt wronged as much as he did. A Malfoy never stayed down for long. It would be time for them to rise again, wouldn't it? Lucious absolutely believed so. As he prowled forward, he heard the words from Severus.

That was a question that Lucious actually wanted an answer to as well. He turned his gaze toward the white tigress, his brow arched as he stood beside Severus. His head tilted as he glanced around himself. It was different than the mountain and perhaps a change in scenery would be good. "'Cissa," Lucious began as he continued to observe the landscape. "And what should we be called?" Whatever Cissa wanted, Lucious would make sure she got. After all, wasn't that the job of a loving husband?

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RE: Here, We Will Rise

(This post was last modified: 05-15-2019, 05:13 PM by Jahi. Edited 1 time in total.)
Draconis kept to himself most days. So, it was why he was able to hear the call from his mother. He had left before they had, only coming to this area because it wasn't a place he had been to before. He'd never admit to anyone that it was in due part to being slightly turned around. He was almost five, for goodness sake, he couldn't admit to anyone that he had no clue where he actually was. His ears flicked as he approached, noticing that the rest of his family was already gathering together. So, it would seem that the change in scenery was going to be permanent.

Because the Kingdom had already failed them, hadn't they? They had allowed the capture of his sister. And then, she had never been able to regain what she had lost in her position. Draconis was a little annoyed in that regard. His ears pinned as he heard the words from his leopard brother. Affronted, though Draconis would never admit to such a thing, he glanced to his mother. What would she do? What ranks would be granted?

Could he even so much go against it? While his parents had changed, he still had the teachings ingrained in him. So, he was careful with what he did with his tongue in the presence of Lucious and Narcissa. There was only so much that he would be able to say without fear of reprimand.

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