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RE: Here, We Will Rise

Athena Archer
"Stand up on my shoulders, tell me what you see.
I am a giant."

Athena would perk her ears as she was addressed by a male with golden hair. Ears tilt back as green eyes remain docile, brow remains level. "If I may introduce myself, I am Athena Archer." Gentle tone leaves her velvet lips as head dips to the golden man who spoke. Ears remain tilted back in relaxed form as head lifts slightly, aiming to meet the eyes of the man. Keeping a respectful manner as she inhales gently, "I am interested in joining your home, I feel I can not only give my loyalty but also be an asset to your realm..." She would say gently, she felt she could be of use. The kingdom didn’t really need her, she didn’t do anything and wasn’t asked of. She had poked around a bit and felt she was mostly just sheltered from danger. She didn’t want to be sheltered, she wanted a job, she wanted to be part of something.

The ebony and ivory woman would remain in her spot as she kept her eyes level to the golden haired man. Not trying to stare into his eyes, but in his direction. She looked over his facial features, the way his mane was not like any she had ever seen before. Though her eyes wished to look at the ivory woman with one eye. She felt it rude to look away from the one who had addressed her. She could only assume that regardless of who she was speaking to, she would have to give utmost respect. These felines did not seem to have any intention of ‘fucking around’. No, they spoke short, to the point. Authority laced their voice yet as smooth and gentle as they spoke, it made Athena feel that they were just like her. But they weren’t, were they... No they were much more, and Athena had seen a similar display of power among her kind. Proud, yet classy. This was merely Athena’s assumption based on what she saw, she could be wrong, she could be dumb. But these thoughts kept her wanting more of what they had before her.

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