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All Welcome Rebel

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I am the Fire

It was an awkward, transitional stage in Svari's life. Who was she? What was she like? What did she want? She felt foreign in her own skin. A stranger wandering in a ghost town. It mattered not whether she was in wolf or lion form, the vast emptiness, the blind eternities, stretched out before her and made her feel like a lonely white canvas.
Yep, she was a teen alright.
Every teen thought themselves a philosopher.
Svari was probably not supposed to be out this far alone, but she wanted to do some soul-searching. Besides, she was nearly of age give or take multiple months and didn't like the constraints of staying within Kingdom walls anyway. It was more exciting to see a place she had seldom--or never--seen before. She breathed in deeply and let it out in a huff. When she did so, a small spark that wasn't even noticeable to her Ignited out in front of her like an inflamed sigh. Perhaps this wasn't the best place to get lost. There was mud and swampy water all around her. She couldn't recall if she even knew how to swim, should the bog swallow her in an unexpected deep cavity. Svari found herself less reflecting on herself and more on every step and movement she made. It wasn't like her to be so concerned. So cautious but the Dame would rather not drown in a dirty pool of briney tar.

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RE: Rebel

Regalia Dame

I dream of our story, of our fairy-tale
Family dinners and family trees
Teachin' the kids to say, "Thank you," and, "Please,"
Knowin' if we stay together that things will be right

While patrolling the borders, a familiar scent caught her attention. Was that Svari's scent going across the border? Regalia paused, brows furrowed, and followed the trail into the swamp. This was definitely not one of her favorite places. Gators roamed the swamplands, didn't they? This wasn't the safest place for her kid to decide to test the waters -- no pun intended. Yet it wasn't just gators Regalia feared finding her daughter alone. She didn't want to teach Svari her own fear of men, but it was hard.

Regalia moved quickly and found her daughter with ease. "Look at you. An original rebel," Regalia said wryly, grinning at her teenage daughter. "So, what's up? What's so interesting about the swamp?" she asked, casually chatting. There wasn't a point in lecturing her daughter. Svari was smart enough to know she'd broken the rules.

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