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All Welcome [FoK] Learning Sign-Language

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[FoK] Learning Sign-Language

Noam was sitting down on the ground right outside Kari’s home with Saħħa. She was sitting down and looking up at him as he was trying to teach her some basic sign language. Currently he was trying to teach her to be able to reply back to him if he asked if she was hungry.

Noam made sure she was looking at him as he slowly signed as he spoke, "You…. Hungry? Yes…. No?” He nodded his head and then shook it for yes and no. Saħħa tilted her head and furrowed her brows. Noam chuckled and tried again this time a bit slower. "You…. Hungry? Yes…. No?” Saħħa shook her head. Noam smiled, "Yay Saħħa! I am so proud of you!” He picked her up and gave her a hug as Saħħa giggled.

Helu walked out of the house and smiled at the both of them. “Aww… Look at you two bonding. You teaching her some stuff?”

Noam smirked as he hugged Saħħa who was now looking curiously at Helu. "Yeah, I thought it would be best to teach the little ones some basic sentences so I can easily ask them things. Wanted to test it out on one of them first before I tried to teach both of them at the same time.” Noam put his little sister down in front of Helu and watched as her tail wagged.

Helu smiled brighter at their children, it didn’t matter to them that Noam was adopted, he was their child. “How about you teach some of the kingdom members sign language? I sure there are others who may be able to shift in primates like Kari can. It would be helpful for them, as it would be for others who cannot sign. Knowing a language as unique as sign language would be beneficial to people, especially in certain situations.” Even though they worded it more as a suggestion or idea, it wasn’t. They were sure he would pick up on the fact they were telling him to teach others, not suggesting it.

Noam lowered his eyes at Helu. "That… doesn’t sound like a suggestion.” Helu just smiled. "You know I can’t say no to you… not fair.” He gave Helu a smirk. "So let’s do it right now then!” Helu opened their mouth to say something but it was too late… Noam called out for any shifters or anyone who wanted to learn a new not-spoken language. Noam then cheekily looked at Helu and said "You told me to. I am just being proactive rather than delaying it.” Helu chuckled and sat down next to Saħħa who was shocked at the loud noise and was hiccuping. Noam frowned and patted Saħħa’s back to try and get her out of shock. "Sorry little one. No more yelling, I promise.”


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RE: [FoK] Learning Sign-Language

Kari Dame

I am a bit sassy, with some sarcasm thrown into the mix, but stoic at the same time - and brash.

She'd been inside of the house, watching Yngvi as he stumbled around. He was getting more coordinated but he was still a little wobbly. He stood with pride etched across his face as he managed to stay upon his feet without wobbling. Kari smirked, her lips twisted upwards as she hummed her approval. "Soon," she teased her son, "you'll be able to run around without a problem." His tail wagged at her as he yipped in approval. She gave a soft laugh as she came to her feet to travel toward her son. She lowered her head to push her nose against him, careful not to knock him over. Her ears flicked when she heard the yell from outside. Turning sharply, her hackles raised on instinct, Kari moved toward the entrance.

There, she could see that it was Noam with her daughter and lover. She arched her brow, hearing the last of the conversation. She moved until she was able to stand next to Helu, her eyes locked upon the primate as her daughter looked rather startled. "What was all the yelling about?" She made sure that her face was pointed toward Noam so that he would be able to read her lips. However, her attention was upon Sahha. As she studied her daughter, she felt a push against her legs. Moving, her head ducking over her shoulder, she noticed that Yngvi had made his own progress to get here. He pushed at her, maneuvering so that he was able to duck underneath his mother to get to his sister. Flopping down, he grinned to himself, proud that he had gotten here without any sort of assistance. His tail whacked against the ground as he stared up at his adopted brother.

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