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Forage Gardening [AW]

Kamar-Taj Queen
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Gardening [AW]


Loving can heal
Loving can mend your soul
And it's the only thing that I know

After patrolling the borders and ensuring Pascal had eaten, The Ancient One decided to tend to a task that had been on her mind. She'd finally created a spot for the garden, near and in the center of the Temple. Vulcan had once wanted to see it done, and in his memory, she would do so now. Foraging for the magical herbs in the Divine Lands and replanting them in Kamar-Taj was the goal. As most were herbs for healing, she saw the benefit immediately. To do so would help them heal the strangers that came to them for help. Thanks to the books (and listening while Vulcan learned), she knew what the herbs were called, but most importantly she knew what they looked like. Dragon's Eye would be first. It was a fruit that grew on a thick trucked tree that had intricate, vine-like branches and large thorns. The fruit itself was large, red, and wrapped with green leaves. Slowly, meticulously, she began to look. She didn't know the fruits scent yet, so she had to look carefully. Once she found it and got its scent, she would be able to find them faster. In theory.

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She wears many pieces of jewelry: a silver eight-spoked Dharmachakra on a leather chord, a jade bracelet (around her right forepaw), prayer beads (around her left forepaw), a silver lotus ring a gold ring engraved with symbols (both on her left paw), a silver ring with a pink gemstone.


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RE: Gardening [AW]


Forage is LEVEL 2. Nothing was found.

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RE: Gardening [AW]

"Falling in the black, slipping through the cracks
Falling to the depths, can I ever go back?"

Today was the day I decided I would adventure myself in this fields again, and unlike the previous times my goal was to look for herbs. Herbs I could maybe learn more about, and at the future use them in those who needed its effects. I was a beginner at the healing arts.I knew some herbs and its effect she but what I did last time made me feel like a trash. I almost killed a filly for the wrong choice I made with a herb, and since there I felt the need of avoiding that to happen again. But there was a little problem. I had no one to teach me, since I started this from king Aurelius request, I was on my own, I had to taugh myself. A thing that put me in disadvantage with other healers. I knew their effects but now in what cases are to be used or not.

And today I wanted to find someone, I was afraid of being rejected. I was once and maybe I will be again. Daemon made my shadow move on its own, I didn't pay attention as my focus was somewhere else. After some time, I spotted someone. A feline, unsure and with fear I stopped walking sending my ears back and I could feel my muscles freeze, unable to move.

OC: Mind if I post here?

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Due to Yurei's depression issues, her posts would hold many hard topics like depression and suicide(in some cases) so be aware when threading with her.


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