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All Welcome Heirs

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Frigga took deep breaths as she walked, returning from patrolling the borders. Admittedly, it wasn't her best idea, and she was certain her family wouldn't approve if they caught her. Frigga, however, was determined not to let the final days of her pregnancy slow her down. Unfortunately for her, her body had other ideas. Perhaps, she admitted to herself, it was time for bed rest. Her body ached from the tip of her tail to her nails. She'd been pregnant enough times to know her limits, but not every pregnancy was the same.

When home came into view, she breathed a sigh of relief. So close. She wondered what her subjects would think of their Queen struggling to get to the door of her own house, and the thought made her smile. Let them judge only if they'd gone through pregnancy as well.

When she reached her house, she wasn't quite ready to go inside, so she stayed out back and lied down on the blanket made of furs near the front door. Relief washed through her strained muscles, and she let her eyes slip closed.

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RE: Heirs

Xewk Lanġas

Tell me somethin', girl,
Are you happy in this modern world?
Or do you need more?
Is there somethin' else you're searchin' for?

Xewk was patrolling the borders when Frigga’s scent hit his nose. ”No she didn’t…” He frowned slightly as he continued walking and confirmed his suspicion. Frigga patrolled the borders while she was deep into her pregnancy. He was a bit upset, it was unsafe for her to be near the borders while she was pregnant. She was slower and unable to defend herself physically as well as she could normally. Plus, what if the babes decided to come while she was patrolling. He wanted to get a bit angry that she did that, but he took a deep breath. ”She is probably bored out of her mind. Or feeling like she isn’t doing enough.” At least, that’s what Xewk thought.

There was another thing that was dangerous about her patrolling the borders while pregnant. It lets rogues know that someone of high standing is pregnant, and vulnerable. He gave a sigh and began covering her scent with his. It was his protective side coming out, making sure that no rogue would try and take advantage of the kingdom. He covered her scent with his quickly and he quickly made his way back to their house.

As their house came into view he walked around the back and saw Frigga asleep on a bed outside the door. He smiled lovingly at her. ”She must be exhausted…” He quietly made his way inside and got a bowl of water and brought it back out attempting to place it near her. Xewk then smiled and gently attempted to lay behind her gently pushing his body against hers. He would whisper to her in case she woke up, "Hello Sváss”.

"Talk here."


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