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Mature Done and Done

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A. wild dog
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Done and Done

Gandalf Ambroise-Fritjov

It's like we burned so bright we burned out

Seafoam lapped harshly against the alabaster stone below. Its taunting chorus filled the man's ears. He lay somberly with his head on his front paws. How many met the sharp rock before Aurelius? How many souls did Defros claim? He must look down at the mortals and their strife and laugh.

In fact, Gandalf couldn't help but chuckle as well. A haunting, throaty sound he could hardly believe came from himself. No one cared. Much less the gods. Mortal or immortal, it didn't matter. No one mattered. Everyone cared about themselves. Those that didn't had their own agendas. Altruism didn't exist. Honestly, it felt like some huge controversial secret that he had just realized. A dark epiphany.

He stood, tears flowing. At least out here, no one would see or hear them. But alas, Gandalf's pride had already completely diminished. He was, and always had been, a failure. There would be no Viking funeral for him, because the former king didn't matter. Even his mother was too busy with--what he dreadfully assumed--was his new stepfather. Gandalf gritted his teeth, chest tightening. In a family as vast as the ocean, it was so easy for him to get lost, yet not the ones that were actually gone. Asger. Aurelius. Beau. His siblings. They were all cursed and so was he.

Would Sithe perhaps miss him? No... She would say good riddance. So would Kari. So would... hell, who wouldn't? Maybe Eva. Oh... Eva. Would his newfound friend despise him for being so weak? He couldn't bare it. He stripped off the plant-magic enchanted bracelet he had, as if silently offering it to anyone who'd happen upon the scene. To anyone who would keep it to remember him by. 'No.' The nilism within grabbed him with its black tendrils, pulling him back to his twisted reality. 'People only take for themselves.'

Gandalf leapt.

Though his eyes were closed, he could see the waves, see Aurelius waiting for him.

-exit via death-

Text | "Talk."

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RE: Done and Done

Sithe Dame

I don't care, I don't care if they call us crazy
Runaway to a world that we design

Something felt wrong.

Sithe couldn’t quite understand the feeling in which belted against her very core –– the bullshit that transpired with him had Sithe’s blood churning, even after all this time –– oh, to think she’d ever forget. Sure, she might’ve found refuge among the Valkyrja to better implore a beating on those who did her wrong, but still, she was full of bitter rage and a need to release it. Lantern spilt atone the earth in a faint, yellow light. Even so, the woman dismissed it aggressively as she stalked the ridge; no, she couldn’t ignore what happened in previous confrontations, simply because it was Gandalf’s fault that she stood where she did today. If it hadn’t of been for the manipulation and string of dishonest words, the Dame might’ve not been in such a willowing mahogany of bullshit. Yeah, she was pissed, to say the least. Of course, she wasn’t one to understand emotions or otherwise, and she refused to believe it would ever become a possibility -- what they did will not be forgiven so easily. Acidic-pumpkin’s narrowed in dark contemplation, hisses riveting as she climbed the dragon’s spine, however a wave of disbelief overcame the cheetah’s chest like blades. There, in plain view, stood the one boy she fuckin’ despised. But at the approach of absolute wrath for what they’d done, he leapt –– time fell short, whirling against the concept of reality as she watched the scene unfold without mercy. It didn’t seem real, and her breathe became frozen. A step was taken, face null and void of sympathy at their disappearance into the ocean’s rage as she realised what the fuck just happened.

Gandalf committed suicide, and it was all for nothing.

How weak and selfish could he possibly be? Did they honestly believe that this was their only solution? Pain conversed, torn by a reaper she could not see. Those golden hackles danced against the icy breeze with an expression of disappointment, of utter disdain as she stared into the waters below. They’d taken the easy way out, and she felt no need to placate such foolery. Rather, the woman just stood in silence.

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RE: Done and Done

In every loss
In every lie, In every truth that you'd deny,
And each regret and each goodbye
Was a mistake too great to hide.

And your voice was all I heard,
That I get what I deserve

He was no divination mage like his mother. Luck -- or was it misfortune? -- caused him to be passing by when he spotted Gandalf below. Soaring on wings (via shift) as a red-crowned crane, he'd already decided to ignore his brother. He was in no mood to entertain another with tedious conversation. Except, to his surprise, his brother jumped. The sight nearly startled him out of flight, but that was his only visible reaction.

He turned on wing, soaring over the waters, searching -- and what would he do if he found Gandalf? It wasn't as if he could lift him in this form. But no, the other wild dog was simply gone. Gone as if he'd never been.

Rangvald flew up, landing on the cliff from which his brother had jumped from. Sithe was there. Ah, yes. Their coupling came to mind. How fitting she would be here now.

Returning to his wild dog form, he stared down at the waves, expression blank. He remembered what seemed like forever ago, when he, Gandalf, and Kimagure sat within the pool of his manor and talked about their empire. Oh, he'd had such plans back then, hadn't he? All turned to dust. Kimagure had vanished, perhaps vanquished by the villain (or hero) who'd taken her eyes. Now, this. Of course, his own fall predated them all, didn't it?

"Such a waste," he said blankly, voice and expression vacant.

"Talk here."

Due to Subzero, Rangvald is uncomfortably cold to the touch -- like snow. He wears a simple silver ring etched with Old Norse runes, wears a golden ring with emeralds and sapphires, and also a silver-chain necklace with a black stone crown; wears a gold ring with square jade gems.

Note: Rangvald can be a horribly unpleasant fellow, but his bark is much worse than his bite. Please know that his opinions of others in no way reflects his roleplayer's thoughts or feelings.


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