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Private [Sirus] What We Reap

Aldrnari Healer
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[Sirus] What We Reap

So much time had passed passed since Sirus' 'trial,' yet it seemed like only yesterday. She was no closer to discerning what to do, but she knew what was right.

That didn't mean it was easy.

She was used to being the subject of the talk. Hairless, once brazen and bold, she'd walked with her head held high, pretending she didn't care about their hurtful comments. Nowadays, she truly didn't care what others thought. If she wanted to be with Sirus, she wouldn't pay attention to what others thought. Except, this wasn't a simple case of star-crossed-lovers. This was a man she'd thought of as a friend hurting another member of the Kingdom. Syfka had made him a member, and that, in turn, made her an accomplice to his crime.

Did he not see that? How guilty she felt for all of this? How guilty she felt for the victim's suffering, how guilty she felt for avoiding Sirus this long, how guilty she felt for being unsure about what to do?

She arrived on the island that was his prison and took a breath. It was time to face each other.


Aldrnari Hunter
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RE: [Sirus] What We Reap

Sirus Gudmund

“I wanna be king in your story, I wanna know who you are.”

The large tiger would lay quietly in his cage, tail lay lax behind him. He was no longer as pristine as he once was. His coat was a bit dull, his paws dirty front the floor below. Winds had brought sand and dirt, along with some water from mists and humidity to latch onto his cage. He was past the point of being bored, head rested upon large paws as violet eyes sunk behind half mast lids. He was going to go crazy, or become extremely humble, one of the two would happen. How could someone survive like this? Head twitches as he inhales deeply. Hind limbs extend out behind him, rib cage rising and falling peacefully.

Brow would arch as he allows ears to tilt back, nose twitching gently. Eyes would open a bit more than the lazy position they had been in. Syfka. Sirus knew her scent anywhere, it had been a long time since he had seen his friend. His love? How could it be love? Maybe she wanted nothing to do with him? Sirus had never asked anything of Syfka, if anything she was his only weakness. Why? Sirus did not have an answer to that question. Where they started, to meeting every now and again, to Sirus somehow latching himself onto her and letting her in... She grew on him, he loved her. He hadn’t loved anyone before, besides his brother and mother but those were family and they were dead.

Head shakes as he lifts it slowly, the kingdom had done their part to keep him alive. He hadn’t suffered anything other than potential mental break down from lack of room or freedom. Besides that, Sirus was used to being alone and this was not a terrible life other than being confined. Large shoulders shift as the massive feline heaves himself up from his laying position. Jaws part as violet eyes look out through the bars, searching for Syfka. Tail lashes as he otherwise remains motionless, brow arching still in anxious wait. What did she have to say? What did she want to talk about? What was she going to do to him? Break his heart? She had avoided him for so long, but he never lost hope. Tongue pushes back in jaws as he cuffs for Syfka, ears tilt back as he stands where he was, a caged animal, and waits for her to come forth.

He walks "He Talks." He Thinks

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