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Elevator Pitch

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Elevator Pitch

Elevator Pitch

Elevator Pitch [NOUN] - a succinct and persuasive sales pitch

Basically, the person above you gives you a made up title for a movie. YOU try to persuade the audience to want to fund that project by explaining what it's about. THEN, you give the next person a new title to do an "elevator pitch" on. It doesn't have to be elegant or realistic. It's usually funny, rather. xD

Person 1: Driving De la Hoya

Person 2: It's about a woman named De la Hoya. Driving her. Across the country. The driver is a wacky guy played by Jim Carrey, and they develop a friendship as they travel. Then, aliens invade and the driver has to save them!

Waiting for Badwater Beaudry

SO, the title you should make an elevator pitch for is Waiting for Badwater Beaudry

If you need help thinking of a made up title, see here! :D


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