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All Welcome Crossroads [Kiddo Playdate + Lesson]

Valkyrja Commander
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Crossroads [Kiddo Playdate + Lesson]

Regalia Dame

I dream of our story, of our fairy-tale
Family dinners and family trees
Teachin' the kids to say, "Thank you," and, "Please,"
Knowin' if we stay together that things will be right

As Regalia headed towards the borders, she became aware of her son, Canute, following her. The tiger cub was not only quite large and white, but he also lacked the essential sneaky skills that would one day make him a fine hunter. Tigers killed their prey solo, so she had no doubt he'd be magnificent at stealth one day. That day just wasn't today. It took her a moment longer to realize her older son, Dagrun, was also following her. Likely he was the mastermind behind this 'game.'

Smiling to herself, she gave up on border patrol before she'd really begun but finished walking to the borders. Now was as good a time as any to teach them about the borders...and heck, why not invite the rest of the fam? She howled, deciding to call for any kiddos within the area. They might not know her, but she'd introduce herself. As a Valkyrja of the realm, it's lead Valkyrja, she felt it was important to do this. To get to know the ones she was protecting -- especially the kids.

OC: PPed Canute and Dagrun. Will be posting them soon.

Regalia called for kiddos to come learn and play. <3 She's on the borders of the Grove, the Peninsula, and Pillar Plains. Please, no posting order. Just post you kid and have fun. :D

Kylee29 & Kati H.

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RE: Crossroads [Kiddo Playdate + Lesson]

Víðarr Executive-Dame

Come Heavy, Or Don’t Come At All.

Long limbs strut gently through the sands of the peninsula. Ears perked as the young colt allowed bright eyes to widen and examine the land around him. His mother, Mancer remained close by, watching him closely. His brother however, he wasn’t sure where he was. Youthful viking would arch his neck and rear up, hooves slamming the ground playfully. Jaws part as he releases a shrill squeal for his brother. Where was he anyway? Mancer would lift her head as brow arches to Víðarr‘s shrill call. Head shakes gently, she did not fear for her children in any part of the kingdom. She could imagine that her other son was with his mother Sive or perhaps out with family. Her sons were rather good for being two wild horse boys, but she was not stressed over them here... It was safe here.

Víðarr watched as his mother stared at him... Weird... "Mother. You’re doing that thing again.." Brow furrows as the youthful colt allows head to be held high. Nostrils flare as he glares at his ivory mother with some degree of concern on his face. She wouldn’t reply but only smirk and chuckle, shaking her head gently and wandering to do her own thing. Ears tilt back, she could be strange some times, but he loved her, he loved both his mothers. Ears perk to a call, brow arching as he looks to his mother. Giving a ‘can I go?’ look to her. Mancer would exhale loudly and smirk, motioning with her head that he could go. Hind end tucks under him as he uses his long hind legs to shoot him forth like a rocket.

Hooves pound against the terrain as tail excitedly lifts up like a small banner. Ears remain high up as he bounds towards the call, only to see what he arrives that it was in fact, his grandmother. Playfully the colt struts his stuff, long legs flick in a graceful motion. Ears perk as neck arches, eyes examine the group, features remain rather straight as he attempts to halt before the wolf who had called. He nickers gently, nostrils flutter to mimic the sound that leaves them. "Amma." Vocals would say in a confident and polite tone. Víðarr Took his Old Norse heritage very seriously, as he was going to be a warrior one day. He took everything quite seriously, perhaps it was a good thing but in others it was not. He would stand proudly as head bows to his grandmother, before returning to it’s proud stance. What had she called for? Where were his mothers and brothers?

PPed Mancer cause she is mine



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RE: Crossroads [Kiddo Playdate + Lesson]

Somerled Executive-Dame

Regalia's call caught Sive's attention. Never one to pass up time with her mama, she called out to her kids to follow her -- if they were nearby. Why not spend time with family? It would be food for them. And her. Seeing Víðarr and Mancer ahead, Sive grinned. It had been sometime since they'd spent time together rather than, yanno, being coparents. Sive was acusstomed to coparenting with, well, strangers. Strangers that slowly became pretty good friends.

Somerled pranced behind her, happy to be going out on an adventure. As they approached the source of the call and Regalia's black-and-russet form became clear on the horizon, Sive grinned and looked down to her equine son. "Go get gran'mama," she said.

The word 'grandmother' set him off, and he used all his strength to push off and race towards her. In his mind, he was like a shooting star zooming through the air. As he closed in on Regalia, he tried to come to a screeching halt, but he miscalculated and stumbled, almost slamming into his grandmama. As he regained his footing, he gave her a sheepish look and then stood tall. "Hi, gran'mama!"

Regalia smiled at Víðarr and gave a smile to his mother as they answered her call. "Hey, sonardóttir. Look at how big you've gotten!" It wasn't even mock surprise. Horses were big creatures, and Víðarr (young as he was) was no exception. The sound of hoofbeats caused her to turn her head, and she stiffened when she saw how fast Somerled was comin' in. Thankfully, he came to a stumbling halt. She laughed, thrilled by his antics. "Hello, precious."

OC: PPed Sive & Regalia because I play them. :D

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RE: Crossroads [Kiddo Playdate + Lesson]

(This post was last modified: 05-26-2019, 01:53 PM by Zalika.)

Zalika Dame

It’s one belief, one spark, one faith and one restart
And we can reboot the whole chart before it all falls apart

She still had her undead tit with her (sustained by the use of zombie by almost two weeks). She allowed the creature to fly above her - though she made sure that it was within the fifty feet distance required. As she allowed it to fly, she used extend so she could see from the eyes of the undead bird. She heard what it heard, saw what it saw. And what it was saw was the gathering of family. Zalika cut off the use of extend, knowing that eventually she might be able to use it for something else as she came into the gathering.

She appeared just as her younger brother was apparently about to collide into her grandmother. She couldn't help it - she winced, bracing herself for the possible impact. Though he was three seasons old, he was much bigger than their grandmother.

Zalika called for her undead tit to land upon her back as she finally came into the gathering fully. She moved until she'd be able to stand at the side of her mother, her eyes sharp as she took in the small gathering. Of course, she'd heard the call from both grandmother and mother and knew that the gathering was only going to get larger. The Dames were no small family. Zalika was lucky that she knew as many as she did - there were probably more that she had no idea the true connection between them. "Mama," she greeted her mother before she turned her eyes upon her grandmother. "Grandmama."

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Zalika is a necromancer, and any mentions of Badru are in reference to her Undead Companion. He is a golden lion tamarin. No one else can hear Badru speak; only Zalika can. Any mentions of Banou are in reference to her Undead Companion 2. She is a scaleless corn snake and is about five feet in length. No one else can hear Banou speak; only Zalika can.


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RE: Crossroads [Kiddo Playdate + Lesson]

(This post was last modified: 05-28-2019, 02:42 AM by Akradr. Edited 1 time in total.)

Maverick Fritjov

You’re the fool for thinking you could run.

Who, what and why?

Maverick didn’t quite understand what he was meant to do, but hey, where’s the fun in knowing? A brow came up, hearing the call and it’s untitled demeanor -- whatever could this be? Why, he’d never intentionally gone out of the his way to placate time on those he did not know, of course. But then again, the boy was getting quite bored. An asshole in disguise, a cruel sensation of selfish desires overcame like battling waves, figuring it’d be the perfect time to find amusement in the likes of others. Would they be of such entertainment to a godly, irresistible Fritjov? Yeah, he thought so. The boy would surely take advantage of any situation that arises to his expectations, or perhaps out of sheer luck –– one may even call him vain –– it’s an intuitive philosophy he simply cannot ignore. There’s no telling him otherwise, actually, because why the hell not? A scoff protruded from velveteen-lips, maneuvering atop the earth in prideful mannerisms; there was an obsession for power, but he had yet to discover this cunning, manipulative ploy. Maverick’s cerulean eyes stared against the landscape, soon unveiling the site of a woman -- and kids. Sure, he might be considered one, but he certainly didn’t wanna’ play around with children: one wasn’t, though, but it mattered very little. Why was he here again? An ear would flick, dominance husken as a smirk peeled from every crevice and crook, daring not to speak unless the opportunity arose.

Flourish came, except the lion didn’t take much notice of it.

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Steve Garvie


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RE: Crossroads [Kiddo Playdate + Lesson]

Býleistr Dame-Fritjov

'Cause baby you're a firework
Come on show 'em what your worth
Make 'em go "Oh, oh, oh!"
As you shoot across the sky-y-y

He'd been headed toward the borders for reasons of his own. He had planned on taking his time outside - to get a feel for what the world had to offer. He could have easily hid his appearance but right now, in the safety of their territory, he didn't have the need to do so. There was no point when most of the members were family. Byleistr heard the call from his cousin, his ears flicking as the jaguar made his way over. He took his time as he arrived. There were many that he didn't actually know. Just because they lived in the same place - just because they were family - did not mean that they actually had conversations before.

The reason for it? The family itself was large. And with the way that they were going, it would probably only get bigger.

There was no stopping the Dames from expanding. Sometimes, Byleistr wondered if that was actually a positive thing. If one were to ask his mother, she would instantly say that it was. Well, it wasn't like Byleistr really had a big enough problem with it. He kept his silence, looking around, observing as he tried to figure out if this was actually a gathering that he needed to be included in.

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RE: Crossroads [Kiddo Playdate + Lesson]

Soini Dame

Hold on for a second
If words can be weapons
Then what I say can affect it

He heard the call.

It was coming from the borders as Soini turned his attention toward it. He had on his back his primate brother. Seeing as the last time he had seen him, it was probably a good thing. He didn't know if the primate would get himself lost. Soini shuddered to think about it. "Try not to fall," he warned his brother as he made his way toward the call.

When he arrived, he noticed that he was the first - well out of the immediate family. His great uncle was there and Soini did not hesitate to make his way toward the jaguar. His ears flicked as he noticed that there were others.

He didn't have that big of a relations with the ones here. Was that a fault of his own or his mother? He didn't want to think about it. With the fear that if he sat down, Milo would fall, Soini remained standing. He had to make sure that he kept an eye out for his smaller brother.

And if he learned something, then that was good too, wasn't it?

OC Note: Permission from Avo to pp Milo. <3

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Chris Smallwood


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RE: Crossroads [Kiddo Playdate + Lesson]

Kion Shae-Dame

Loving myself might be harder
Than loving someone else
Let’s admit it

Kion raced ahead, his little paws being like thunder upon the ground. He was carefree, his mother (in lion form due to shift) trailed after him. He had a wide smile upon his face, his features twisted up in pleasure as he raced. He thought he was running as quickly as he could. However, in reality, it looked more like drunken stumbling. Of course, it wasn't. Kion was merely young and still very much uncoordinated. Eventually, he would learn how to exceed stealth and grace. It was something ingrained in him - like that of his other feline brethren.

He paused when he heard the call from his wolf mother. Well, his always-wolf mother.

Kion looked behind him, noticing that the not always wolf mother was trailing behind him. If he squinted, he thought he saw Hillevi with her. "Come on!" It was a cheer in hopes that she would race after him. Without actually waiting to see if she would or not, Kion made a quick turn (stumbling as he did so) but gathered himself and raced toward his mama. He ran full speed, not bothering to put on any breaks as he attempted to slam his chest into his mother's foreleg.

The air, of course, if impact was made, would be shoved out of his chest. Laughter was choked out of him as he grinned at his mother.

Vitani would slowly make her approach, her brow arched as she stared upon Kion before she turned her attention to Canute. Greeting him, she attempted to push her head against him before she looked at Regalia. This was her show - Vitani was only here to be with her children (and to give support if needed).

OC Note: PP Vitani as she is my own character. Permission from Avo to pp Hillevi.

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Jonathan Davis


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RE: Crossroads [Kiddo Playdate + Lesson]

Hallvardr was out with his father. He ran ahead, not bothering to pause to wait for his father to catch up. He wanted to feel freedom without actually having it. Eventually, it was possible that he would push the boundaries given to him. Right now, though, he was lucky to push as far as he was. He was still within the eyesight of his father.

He knew, somewhere in the back of his head, that his father would easily be able to catch up to him. But there was a hidden confidence inside of him. It was only a bud but it was slowly growing - developing into something that would potentially get him into trouble. When he heard the call, he would lift his head upwards, his ears pointed forward as he listened. He had paused in his romping around - much like a colt bolting around and bucking. Attempting to garner where the sound was coming from was difficult.

Though, it wasn't like he was going to make it seem like he couldn't figure it out. "What's that?" He asked his father when the wolf finally caught up to him. Of course, Stark knew exactly who it was and where it was coming from. "Your aunt Regalia." The male wolf knew that the hyena cub probably didn't know who Regalia was. It wasn't like he had met her yet - and if he did, he had probably been too young to actually recognize her. "Come." Urging his son along, Stark would lead Hallvardr forward.

As they joined the gathering, Stark urged Hallvardr forward. The cub bundled in, stumbling from the light push from his father. Standing confidently, the cub took in everything. His father wanted them to do what here, though? He glanced over his shoulder, hoping to find an answer to the silent questioning, when nothing came, the boy sighed. Guess he'd have to figure it out himself, wouldn't he?

OC Note: PPed Stark as he is my own character.

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RE: Crossroads [Kiddo Playdate + Lesson]

Yngvi romped - well as he could - around. His coordination was still not exactly the best. He might be two months old physically but he was still a wobbly mess. His ears flicked as he felt the touch of little bug legs against the right ear. Shaking his head, he tried to remove it before it came back. A small laugh came out as he stopped and used his leg to bat it away. He barely managed to keep himself standing as Yngvi continued to giggle.

His mother looked at him with a soft smile. She was leading him around. They were still near the Peninsula and they took their time.

That was when the call came. His head jerked upwards, his head tilting to the right side as he glanced back to look at his mama. "Who dat?" The question came innocently as she grinned at him. "An aunt," she answered him. "Why don't we find out what the reason for it?"

She pushed him gently to get him to start walking. Yngvi giggled, starting up again as they made their way toward the call. As they arrived, they were able to see that there was a gathering. It was rather large but Yngvi could only see that there was a lion that was his brother. Elation covered his features as he scrambled from his mother's side. He raced forward, stumbling as he did so, to get to his brother's side. "Soi!" He was unable to fully pronounce Soini's name yet but that didn't really matter. His tail was wagging as he skidded to a stop, Kari following up just behind him.

OC Note: PPed Kari as she is my own character.

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