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Private A Quick Study Session

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A Quick Study Session

Sribna Nich


Sribna wanted to go somewhere, but he couldn’t figure out where. He wanted to stay within the Kingdom’s Borders so he did not worry Rai or Loki. He still was not quite up for another adventure outside the borders yet. Then it hit him, he could go to the library for another study session.

Making his way over using Audition and Essence as amplifiers to his already sensitive senses made it easy to navigate from his home with Rai and Loki to the library. He determined that he would only learn about one type of element this session.

Once he stepped inside the building Eidetic Memory let him remember exactly where the magic book was. So he walked over to it, opened to the right page and began to read.



Sense- The user can sense if the target has magic or not with this ability. However, they cannot tell what elements the target has or how powerful their magic is. This ability can also detect magical jewelry, but they will not know if the jewelry is the source of the magic.

Detect- With this spell, the user cannot be snuck up on or surprised by those they didn't notice. When the user would otherwise not have detected the approach of another, this power will activate to give the user a heads up, telling them that someone is approaching and from which direction.

Hindsight- With touch, the user is able to see the strongest memory of the target in the moment.

Farsight- Using this power allows the user to know when to join a gathering, whether it be private between individuals or perhaps a large gathering of creatures. They will detect where they should be as well as when they should be there. Although to be able to detect private gatherings the castor must have met one of the individuals present prior to the event.

Insight- The castor can tell when they are being lied to, if they are staring into eyes of the creature they wish to use this power on. This ability will not work, however, if the creature that is lying believes they are telling the truth. This ability lasts for only a moment.

Psychometry- To use this spell, the user must be near a location that has had recent activity. The activity must have been at most two months prior. As long as you are near those locations in the general sense, the power will show you a few moments of this prior event. This ability shows sights and sounds but no other senses, such as scent.

Astral-Projection- With this power, the user is able to extend their senses across the lands. They can send a spectral copy of themselves instantaneously to anywhere in the land of the living. This copy is only able to interact by visual and auditory means, as no physical presence is created. The user may choose to have their astral form be invisible to all outside the astral plane or be visible to all. Using this power requires complete focus, and the castor cannot move their physical body while using this power. This ability lasts until the user ends it, and their body remains wherever it was when they activated this power, which can leave them vulnerable.

Dreamwalker- This power grants the user the ability to enter a target's dreams. This power has two paths. Firstly, it can allow the user to view the dream of the target passively and without detection. Alternatively, it can be used to influence the target's dream, giving the user control of the dreams, though they cannot control how the target reacts to said dreams. Light injuries sustained in these dreams become a reality to both the user and the target. This ability lasts for a few moments or until the target awakens.

Disembody- With this power, the user may have their physical form be replaced by their astral form. Unlike Astral-Projection, the user leaves no body behind, and they can not travel more than twenty feet from their body. This form can not be hurt, nor can it harm others, but it is able to move around at up to twice its normal speed as well as moving through objects. The user returns to a physical form after a moment. While in this form the user has the option of altering the landscape within 15 feet of themselves into a dreamscape of the user's choice. This dreamscape follows the same rules as those in Dreamwalker. The dreamscape they create lasts for a few moments after they return to their physical body.

Spiritwalk- This power allows the user to separate from their physical form, replacing it with an astral form that has the ability to see and interact with the dead. You may now interact with any creature that has died in Yavania by entering the Eternal Realm. The user should be careful, however, as they can be hurt in the Eternal Realm. Any damage sustained these will transfer to their physical bodies when they return to normal.


Expel- The user is able to knock the target's astral form from their body with a physical blow, forcing them to enter the astral plane. This means the target is now in a spirit-like state in which others can still perceive them but cannot physically interact with them. It allows the target to see and interact with the dead of Yavania for no more than a few moments, but this is not its only use. No one outside of the astral plane may see/hear the target or the spirits. The target may not be out of eyesight of their body. This move lasts until the castor ends it or until the end of the gathering. However, if harm comes to the target's body, this power will automatically end. To use this power you must first have mastered Spiritwalk.

Farseer- The user is able to see events that are even further in the past. They may see any events as far back as four months when using Psychometry. To use this power the user must first have mastered Psychometry.

Deepsight- The user is able to see events in the past more clearly. They may see a few moments longer than normal Psychometry. To learn this upgrade the user must first have mastered Psychometry.

Guide- The user may bring another creature when they use Astral Projection or Dreamwalker. This creature is a passive participant. To learn this upgrade one first must have mastered Disembody.

Prophecy- This upgrade forces a Divination user to be subject to random daydreams and nightmares containing visions of the future, often dark in nature. This power does not enable you to learn or know facts about strangers. To learn this upgrade you must have first mastered Insight.

Nightmare- To use this power, the user must make contact with the target. Upon contact, the target suddenly sees an apparition of one of their nightmares. This apparition can not physically touch the target, but it appears real to every other sense. It lasts for a moment before dissipating. To learn this upgrade the user must first have mastered Dreamwalker.

Stopsight- This Divination Upgrade blocks the 'sight' of divination spells psychometric or farsight once. In order for this to successfully block these abilities you must activate it early on in any gathering. To learn this upgrade you must first have mastered the spell Astral-Projection.

Sribna smiled after learning the last upgrade. ”Only four more to learn, then I can learn about combinations, and unique powers, and eventually move on to the other books.” He was proud of all that he has learned so far. He slowly made his way out of the building, he wanted to get back home. Since he got lost he wanted to make extra sure Loki and Rai knew he wasn’t about to get lost again.

Dan Hutcheson

Oc. Sribna has learned about all the spells and upgrades under the Divination Branch.


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