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All Welcome Crafter by Blood

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RE: Crafter by Blood

(This post was last modified: 06-08-2019, 12:50 PM by Abraxas. Edited 1 time in total.)
Abraxas Bast

And I think it's gonna be a long, long, time
'Til touchdown brings me 'round again to find
I'm not the man they think I am at home

Abraxas listened to the man’s reply. Seytx still seemed troubled about his confession and not being in love. He wasn’t sure if there was anything else he could offer the man advice wise. He looked away for a moment before Seytx spoke again.

"Well, Miss, enough about me. What are you allergic to?”

Abraxas gave a small smile towards Seytx. Abraxas was allergic to some stuff, but nothing he wanted to share. He knew that Seytx could probably see how badly he was breathing. Honestly Abraxas now thinking about it wasn’t surprised on how long it was taking for his lungs to get back to normal. It would probably take a few days of not crafting. He was about to reply when the man spoke again.

"I hope you are not avoiding a healers help, they are trained to assist with such things. You should not live in discomfort..."

Abraxas knew that, but he also was knowledgeable about herbs and the like if he had a problem he could just go to the medic’s hut and take some stuff. He knew eventually it would be fine and get better on its own. He instead would just tell Seytx something to appease him. He wouldn’t lie… much.

He gave a small smile as his arabic tones filled the air, "No need to call me Miss, you can just call me Abraxas. As for allergies, I am allergic to jonquil, fairy cap, button poms, rabbit’s flower, digitalis, cycas revoluta and ladies’ thimble.” He spoke confidently and externally hid any sign that he was lying because… well it wasn’t exactly a lie. He just gave a list of poisonous flowers to him. Well, toxic to canines in general. He would have a terrible reaction if he ate them, or came too much in contact with them. He also made sure to tell Seytx some of the common names for the flowers as well as a scientific name of one or two. He figured that only very knowledgeable herbalists could understand what he just listed were toxic flowers… that also didn’t bloom in the winter. A knowledgeable herbalist would probably catch as well that he listed one type of flower four different times. Normal creatures probably wouldn’t be able to pick up on it though.

Honestly Abraxas felt a bit of guilt somewhat lying to him, but he really did not want to judged about his craft or the fact he knew he was working in unsafe conditions. "They are just a few types of flowers that I shouldn’t get into contact with. I will be fine after awhile of fresh air don’t worry.” That first part was true of course… the second part, he was still hoping would happen.


oc. almost forgot this:

Daffodil= Jonquil
Sago Palm= Cycas revoluta
Chrysanthemum = Button poms
Foxglove= Fairy cap, digitalis, ladies’ thimble, and rabbit’s flower


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