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Private [M]{Lucien & Nashad} Coming to Terms

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[M]{Lucien & Nashad} Coming to Terms

Abraxas Bast

And I think it's gonna be a long, long, time
'Til touchdown brings me 'round again to find
I'm not the man they think I am at home

Abraxas had still been practicing his craft even though his lungs protested and his sense of smell was dull. He was stubborn in perhaps the worst of ways… but he had no one. He had no family here, no mate, no children, no one he could confidently say cared about him on a personal basis. Therefore he could do whatever he wanted… there was nothing to tie him here. Well Frigga and Nashad showed they cared, but that seemed just to be in their nature. Abraxas was suspicious as ever in everyone. He hated it. He wished he could be more like Frigga, patient and kind, or like Sribna, who was blind but trusting. Minus the blind part, Abraxas quite liked his vision.

Currently Abraxas was walking along the shore of the peninsula close to his house. It was mid-day and he had just set a batch of incense up on his balcony to air dry. He coughed causing his lungs to burn. ”I think I inhaled too much of it this time.” He didn’t sound TERRIBLE however he didn’t exactly sound good either. His lungs slightly wheezed in protest every time he breathed. The salty air didn’t exactly make it pleasant, but he did not want to travel far from his house.

Abraxas paused to look into the water as the waves wained in and out. He saw his newly adorned feathers on his body. Slowly but surely he was getting used to them. ”Funny… there had not been anymore ‘signs’ from the gods since the feathers and the gender changing magic.” Abraxa then sighed, ”Fuck... well now I have gone and done it.” What he just thought was just as bad as ‘how much worse can it get?’ Answer? A lot

Abraxas gave an even larger sigh and turned his head forward. His eyes widened as they rested upon a ring half buried in the sand. ”Oh noooo… It just got worse. What is it going to be this time.” He gently kicked the ring out from its half buried state and took a better look at it. It was a gold ring bearing a Lotus flower as the centerpiece made of red jasper, lapis and emerald with a golden Ankh on either side. Abraxas’ face soured as he saw it. The Ankh’s symbolism was strong, it stood for life, or ‘breath of life’. Aka meaning creating life. And of course the lotus had the same meaning as his earrings. Purity, beauty, grace, fertility, serenity, devotion, rebirth and divinity, just to name a few. He groaned as he spoke out loud, "I get it already! Fertility, marriage, rebirth, yada yada yada. Stop sending me shit, I don’t need anymore signs. I am not tone deaf.” He coughed as he ended his angry rant. But honestly had no clue who he was talking to. The gods? Not really, he wouldn’t curse directly at them. Just merely complain a bit. Still, he begrudgingly put the ring on his right paw as the left paw was meant specifically for marriage. Actually, the whole left leg was, it was his clan’s tradition to wear any marriage gifts, jewelry, markings or tattoos on the left side of the body, most commonly the leg or paw.

The gods though, could wait a dang second or two… or maybe a year until he settled down. Abraxas had no suitors, at least none he was aware of so there was no rush for him. With all that said he sat down, watching the waves roll in, still trying to clear out his lungs as he thought about his future and what these signs were telling him.

Oc note: picture of ring on his profile under appearance. <3

Abraxas has an Arabic accent and due to pheromones smells like a blend of Jasmine and Blue Lotus. He wears a necklace made of large sapphires, turquoise, and gold in the shape of a winged beetle.


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